Ashfield District Council leader says GCSE results day is a time for celebration

The leader of Ashfield District Council has written to all the headteachers of secondary schools in the district praising the staff and pupils for getting through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and successive lockdowns.

Thursday, 12th August 2021, 9:25 am

More than 1,500 students across Ashfield are receiving their results today.

Coun Jason Zadrozny (Ash Ind) said, “Our teaching and other staff at our schools in the Ashfield district are owed a huge debt of gratitude.

"Our young people, their teachers and school staff should be justifiably proud of everything they have achieved in the backdrop of the pandemic and the educational challenges they faced.

Coun Jason Zadrozny says GCSE results day is a day for celebration

"Today should be a day to celebrate for our young people across our district as they take a major stepping stone in life.

"There is a debate going on at present about the future of GCSEs and whether or not exams are the way forward.

"Today is not that day, however, it is a day to acknowledge the achievement of our young people in places like Hucknall.”

Coun Zadrozny has written to the headteachers of Holgate Academy and National Academy in Hucknall to thank and praise the staff and students there.

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The Government confirmed in January that GCSE exams were cancelled and that grades would be a reflection of the students’ assignments.

Due to the scandal caused by last year’s algorithm, the marking criteria have changed for this year and it will be based on a range of evidence including coursework and mock exams.

GCSE results day for this year has been brought forward to allow time for students to appeal and unlike last year, students will be able to collect their results from their school, if the school allows.

An Ofqual spokesperson said, “This year GCSE students should feel confident that their grades will be fair, based on what they were taught amid disruption due to the pandemic.

"We found no evidence of systematic bias by teachers last year.”