Hucknall school is celebrating unsung heroes with music video

Staff and pupils at Broomhill Junior School in Hucknall are hoping a music video they have produced will take off online and help lift people’s spirits.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 5:03 pm
Teaching assistant Andre Chambers wrote and produced the song

The song Unsung Heroes, was written by teaching assistant Andre Chambers, who, when not teaching, is a music producer under the name AndretheProducer.

He said: “Outside of school, I’m a full-time music producer, musician and songwriter so this was really utilising my skills.

"I was doing a lesson on heroes and I was asked by Mrs Adams, the class teacher, to write a song about unsung heroes.

"She said at the time ‘what about all the unsung heroes’, and I agreed that especially in this time with Covid, the NHS and key workers and people like that, that we should celebrate them.

"So one day, I sat down and I had the beat and I wrote the song and brought it back to to the kids and they loved it and spread like wildfire.

"It was only supposed to be for that class but I think the head teacher’s wife got hold of it and forwarded it around and then all the kids in the school started to do videos of themselves dancing to the track and so we curated them together and came up with this video.

"We’ve not had some kids in school over the last two months so we’ve had videos of some in school and some at home and it’s created a really nice mix and it’s been something really positive for them.

"My music is all about quality and I’m really glad the kids like the song and wanted to dance to it.

“The song is all about being positive and this will also help them remember a time when things weren’t so positive and how they responded really well to that.

"It’s had the right effect on the school with pupils and teachers.

“It’s made everyone smile when they hear it and also feel the need to dance which is great.”

"We’re going to promote the song and we think definitely has the quality to go viral.

"The school now want me to write another song for another lesson, so they are fully utilising my skills.”

The song is available to listen to now on YouTube and you can find more of Andre’s music online on YouTube and Spotify by searching for AndretheProducer.