Probe by Hucknall school into 'sinister' stab threat made by pupil in online chat

An urgent investigation has been launched by a Hucknall school after a pupil allegedly posted an online message threatening to stab another student.

Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 9:59 am

A further message, on the Microsft Teams network which is available to the whole population at Holgate Academy, claimed a pupil ‘was high’.

One message stated ‘I’ll chef you up’, which is slang for stab.

They were reported to the school by a parent, who described them as ‘very concerning and sinister’.

Holgate Academy is investigating after pupil posted a message threatening to stab another on the school's internal chat network

Jay Pearce, whose daughter attends the school, said: “I noticed them pretty much as soon as they had been posted.

"They came up on my phone home screen so I took a screen shot and sent them to the assistant principal.

"I didn’t hear back for a few hours and I kept checking to see if they had been deleted and they hadn’t but there was one last message from someone else basically saying ‘you’re dumb, the teachers are on this, they can see what you’re saying’.

"The assistant principal then rang me and thanked me for my diligence and said the issue had been dealt with straight away.

"I said they hadn’t been dealt with straight away because the messages had been up there for a few hours.

"I then said there should be some system in place that alerts people when certain words are used."

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The feature in question on the Teams chat has now been disabled.

But Jay added: “It is very concerning because the school tried to tell me it was just very silly behaviour from two students.

"This was not silly behaviour, silly behaviour is my toddler putting his toy train in the dog’s water bowl.”

In a statement, the school said: “The use of our Teams environment, or on any platform, to post messages such as this is wholly unacceptable and our student community are fully aware of this.

"This is an ongoing investigation as we seek to determine who was involved in posting the messages.

"At this stage, we believe that student accounts may have been compromised and wish to make it clear that those students named on the messages may not have been responsible.

"If parents have any concerns at all, we welcome them to contact the academy for advice and support.”