Zero tolerance from Hucknall and Bulwell schools to vile Tik Tok videos that target staff

The principal at Bulwell Academy has said he will ‘permanenty exclude’ any pupil caught sharing vile new Tik Tok videos that target school staff.

Friday, 3rd December 2021, 4:19 pm

In a letter to parents posted on the academy website, Brad Nash, interim principal, also said he would involve the police in any incident in which a student was found to be sharing the videos.

And Hucknall’s Holgate Academy has also said it will involve the police and take rigourous action, including ‘imposing sanctions’ if necessary in order to stamp out any problems.

In his letter, Mr Nash said: It has been brought to the attention of school leaders across the UK that the social media platform TikTok is being used by children to create, share and comment

The principal at Bulwell Academy says he will permanently exclude anyone found sharing vile Tik Tok videos that target and abuse staff

on images and videos that are targeting teachers, support staff and school leaders in the most appalling of ways.

"Examples of such videos include, but are sadly not limited to, the racial, homophobic, xenophobic and sexist abuse of school staff.#

"Concerningly, once shared, these images and videos are impossible to track and remove from social media platforms.

"Sadly yesterday, with a number of fake or ‘parody’ accounts being identified, this TikTok ‘trend’ has now entered the community of The Bulwell Academy.

"Actions like these are immensely concerning and have the potential to ruin lives.

"As a school leader, I am committed to protecting our staff and students and will do whatever I can to prevent the damage that such behaviour can cause.

"I will permanently exclude any Bulwell Academy student, confirmed through investigation, as a creator and/or distributor of such images and videos.

"I will consider the same sanction for any student who ‘likes’ and/or offers supportive comment to such material.

"Furthermore, I will also permanently exclude any Bulwell Academy student, confirmed through investigation, as the author of any libellous comment written about any staff member in any form and on any social media platform.

"I will involve the police in every case that is brought to my attention and I will pursue charges against any individual or group of individuals associated with such behaviour.

"I have sourced specialist personnel to monitor and investigate social media ‘parody’ accounts to help us do all that we can to safeguard not only the students and staff of The Bulwell Academy but also the school teams countrywide.”

Mr Nash goes on to say that anyone with information, or wanting to report an incident, should email [email protected]

Issues with the harmful Tik Tok content have also been reported at Hucknall’s Holgate Academy.

In a statement, the school said: “We have been made aware of some issues with regard to the creation of fake TikTok accounts which have included harmful content.

"Where individual perpetrators have been identified, we have spoken to the students and their parents and have rigorously applied our behaviour policy, including imposing sanctions.

"We have also informed the police.

“It is crucial that children and young people know how to behave appropriately online, and so online safety remains an important aspect of our curriculum in order to educate and support our students on the impact their actions can have.”

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