Covid rates ‘significantly’ increasing across parts of Hucknall and Bulwell

Covid rates are ‘significantly’ rising across several parts of the Dispatch area as hospitalisations stand at ‘half the rate of the first wave’ across Nottinghamshire.

Monday, 26th July 2021, 11:57 am

Health experts have urged ‘caution’ despite legal Covid restrictions easing.

Five areas in the Dispatch area currently have a case rate higher than 800, according to latest figures.

The highest local rates are in Hucknall Town where there were 93 infections and a case rate of 992.

Positive Covid case numbers are rising across Nottinghamshire

Kimberley North and Watnall had 82 infections and a case rate of 887.8, Bulwell West had 73 infections and a case rate of 830.5, Bulwell North had 69 infections and a case rate of 916.8 and Bestwood Village had 54 infections and a case rate of 892.4.

In the seven days to July 20,figures showed there were 107 Covid patients in hospitals across Nottinghamshire, 16 per cent of whom were ‘critically ill and needing intensive care’.

The number of people in hospital was at half of the rate of what was seen in the first wave.

Dawn Jenkin public health consultant for Nottinghamshire County Council urged ‘caution, common sense and being careful in how we interact’ due to high levels of coronavirus circulating.

She said: "Across the county rates are very high and rising, we are by no means through with Covid, it’s definitely still out there.”

Rising rates are also now being seen in every age group.

Walk-in jabs are still available, and now included those aged 18 in the next three months.

Vaccinations are also available to some 16-18 and 13-15 year-olds with vulnerabilities.

Mrs Jenkin continued: “As families look forward to enjoying the summer weather. remember to protect yourself family and friends with the hands space and face measures, it may feel inconvenient but the bug hasn’t changed, if anything it is more infectious.”

She also urged vaccination and testing.

David Johns, Nottingham city public health consultant, said the city saw up to 1,978 cases in the seven days to July 17, with a rising forecast.

Covid activity and pressure was seen in NHS and social care settings.

He said: “Last Monday saw the easing of most of the legal restriction on social contact and face coverings.

“However, what is not easing is Covid 19.”