Backtracking: Hucknall Dispatch headlines from August 1964

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HEADLINERS -- an elderly Hucknall woman had nothing to eat or drink during a SEVEN-HOUR visit to Nottingham City Hospital, says her MP, William Whitlock.

He claims the pensioner was collected by ambulance at 9.45am one day but was not seen by a DOCTOR until noon.

She then had to wait until 4.45pm for an ambulance home, during which time the hospital CANTEEN was closed through a lack of staff.

The HEALTH MINISTER tells Mr Whitlock that steps are being taken to improve arrangements for dealing with outpatients at the hospital.

Seven men plead guilty at court to playing CRICKET on a Bulwell street and are conditionally discharged for 12 months.

Magistrates hear that a woman passer-by was HIT by the ball and fell to the ground.

Chairman of the bench Cyril Forsyth says he sympathises with the defendants about a lack of sports faciliities in the area, but the case has shown the DANGER of playing cricket on the street.

An INQUEST is opened on Joseph Robinson, a 68-year-old retired colliery surface worker, of Hillcrest Drive, Hucknall.

Mr Robinson died after a COLLISION with a car while he was walking across the town’s Byron Cinema junction.

A THREE-YEAR-OLD Hucknall boy is taken to hospital after an accident involving a car on the town’s Watnall Road.

A 28-year-old Bestwood Estate man appears in court on a charge of attempting to MURDER his wife by trying to suffocate and strangle her.

A beat group run by former Hucknall man Farran Kristy lose £2,000 worth of equipment and clothes when their MINIBUS catches fire.

Bulwell businessman Michael Andrew returns from a WORLD TRIP to boost his company’s exports. His journey took him to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and South America.

A homeless man tells a court he broke into a house on Moor Road, Bestwood Village, to have a wash because he was STINKING.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIFE -- children are much bigger, bonnier and better in health than previous generations because they are BETTER FED, says a report by the Schools Health Service.

A new conveyor belt which handles 3,000 tons of coal a day is introduced to speed up output at NEWSTEAD COLLIERY.

Well-known Hucknall man Harold Calladine tells how he went to give a speech as a Liberal election candidate in the Newark area and found his only audience was a herd of COWS.

NAMES -- Hucknall police officer RALPH OSBORNE is married to JOAN HOLMES in Willington, Derbyshire.

A pen friend from Oslo, Norway is bridesmaid for the wedding of KATHLEEN WEST, of Oak Grove, Hucknall to EDWIN ROWE, of West Terrace, Hucknall.

Canon GEORGE SPRITTLES, who is shortly to retire as Bulwell’s rector, receives glowing praise from the Assistant Bishop of Southwell.

DAVID HUNT, of Hucknall, is appointed as lecturer in English at Trieste University in Italy.

Annesley Woodhouse couple ARTHUR and EDITH PAGE, who once ran the village’s Portland Billiards Room, celebrate their diamond wedding.

Hucknall man WALTER SYSON completes 50 years’ service in the Boy Scout movement.

COURT -- the husband of a Bulwell woman who ASSAULTED his wife, causing her to receive hospital treatment for face and back injuries, told police: “If she doesn’t come back, I’ll give her another one when I find her,” a court hears.

SPORT -- Linby Colliery Football Club make a DISASTROUS start to a new season in the Central Alliance premier division, crashing 7-0 at home to Alfreton Reserves.