BACKTRACKING: Taking you on a trip down memory lane

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50 years ago

8th March 1963

headliners - the withdrawal of local passenger services on the former Great Central RAILWAY LINE between Nottingham and Sheffield means the closure of Hucknall Central and Bulwell Common stations. The question is raised of how young people will get back home from Saturday night dances.

Bulwell Chamber of Trade decides to distribute a POSTER, ‘You Buy Well In Bulwell’, to encourage people to shop locally.

Despite losing his left arm in a motorbike accident, 18-year-old Peter Scotton, of Bulwell, is able to resume his career as a hairdresser by using an ARTIFICIAL ARM.

Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock travels to Scotland to see a submarine capable of firing the POLARIS nuclear missile.

An old people’s SOCIAL CENTRE at the former St Peter’s Church on Watnall Road, Hucknall is due to open in April, it is announced.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- blind Bulwell woman Gladys Young is able to follow a Women’s World Day of Prayer Service, thanks to being provided with a copy of it in BRAILLE.

GREAT THINGS will happen in Hucknall as God’s work prospers there, says Methodist leader the Rev J.W.Swarbrick, speaking in the town.

Stewart Granger and Stanley Baker co-star in ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, a spectacular screen version of the famous Bible story, showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

COURT -- a 59-year-old Hucknall man charged with speeding on a Hucknall road tells magistrates he drove a LONDON BUS for 30 years and was awarded gold and silver medals for safe driving.

SPORT -- Linby Welfare Football Club inside-right Terry Butler scores FOUR goals in his side’s 6-3 victory over Reprobates in the third round of the All-England Sunday Cup.

During the same weekend, Mick Arnold hits all SIX goals for Hucknall Colliery Welfare when they beat Bulwell West End 6-2 in the Bulwell and District League, Division One.

25 years ago

4th March 1988

headliners - a plan for a PETROL STATION and car wash on the site of the former St Alban’s Church Hall on Hucknall Lane, Bulwell is given the planning go-ahead -- despite strong local objections because it is next to Ald Derbyshire School.

A watchdog group is formed to ‘keep an eye’ on a plan for a massive RETAIL PARK in Bulwell.

One of three cars involved in an accident at the junction of Main Street and High Road, Bulwell finishes up in the RIVER LEEN.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- the Rev Hayden Wilcox, vicar at St John’s Church in Hucknall, completes an eight-hour non-stop PREACH to raise money for two schools in the town.

A marathon is also staged by members of the 2nd Hucknall Scout Group, who play the board game, MONOPOLY, for a continuous 48 hours.

Hucknall and Linby Miners’ Welfare Centre opens its doors again briefly for a public AUCTION of furniture and fittings.

It is vital that the government spends more on the National Health Service to help mentally-handicapped people at HIGHBURY HOSPITAL in Bulwell, says Notts ounty councillor Paddy Tipping (Lab).

Agriculture Minister John MacGregor, speaking in Hucknall, claims that membership of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY is ‘right for Britain’.

COURT -- a Hucknall man hit his father and knocked him through a wooden fence when a FAMILY CONFLICT came to a head, magistrates hear.

At another court, a Hucknall man who struck his estranged wife when she told him she had met another man is fined £50 for ASSAULT.

In a further case, a Bulwell man who swung a BEER GLASS at another man’s face, causing a lip wound that needed 12 stitches, is jailed for 15 months.

SPORT -- Stuart Heard (10), of Bestwood Village, who is battling a mystery brain disease, plays a frame with his idol, snooker ace WILLIE THORNE.

10 years ago

7th March 2003

headliners - people of Hucknall are getting more and more used to living in ASHFIELD and more pleased with the work of the district council, an independent MORI poll shows. The top priority for improving quality of life in Hucknall is reducing escalating levels of anti-social behaviour.

Workers at Hucknall’s ROLLS-ROYCE plant are stunned to hear they might have to increase contributions to their pension fund.

A man is jailed for three months after a ROAD-RAGE attack in Hucknall that left his terrified victim needing six weeks off work..

Bulwell head teacher Phil Ball spearheads a campaign to encourage more men to become TEACHERS by approaching them at male-dominated sports events like football and ice-hockey matches.

An in-depth investigation shows that there is no evidence of a link between a former waste-disposal plant and CANCER cases in the Butlers Hill area of Hucknall.

A Bulwell man is locked up for a year after he knocked out three of his ex-girlfriend’s TEETH when he attacked her in a pub.

A man with Hucknall connections who was involved in a multi-million-pound FRAUD is jailed for three years.

Visitors to Bestwood Country Park are surprised to discover an abandoned SAFE which may have been stolen in a burglary.

High-powered motocross scramble BIKES are blamed for the destruction of precious wildlife habitats in Bestwood Village.

The widow of a police officer who was KILLED while trying to stop a stolen taxi in Bulwell thanks the community for support.

Police hit back at criticism surrounding a hike in the cash they take from Hucknall COUNCIL-TAX payments. They say the extra money is needed to fight rising crime.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- the new TESCO superstore on the former Hucknall Colliery site is acting as a magnet for other businesses, it is claimed at a meeting of Ashfield District Council.

SPORT -- Bulwell’s Scots Grey Football Club escape censure for a ‘prank’ in a cup tie when a PIG’S HEAD was placed in their opponents’ dressing room.