Backtracking: The headlines from Hucknall Dispatch on 10th July 1964

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HEADLINERS -- a 32-year-old Hucknall woman DIES despite a 12-hour battle to save her life when she suddenly becomes gravely ill at her home.

POLICE control traffic so that the woman, who is not named by the Dispatch, can be taken to Nottingham General Hospital as quickly as possible.

Nottingham City Council will have to find an extra £264,000 towards the cost of the RIVER LEEN improvement scheme, meaning it will face a total bill of nearly £1m.

This is because the GOVERNMENT are not prepared to make a grant of more than £250,000 towards the cost.

The scheme has been hanging fire since the scheme was prepared after serious FLOODING of houses and business premises in Jennison Street and Main Street, Bulwell, in December 1960.

Two Bulwell men aged 21 and 25 are KILLED when a car in which they are travelling has a head-on collision with an articulated lorry.

A 76-year-old retired railway worker, James Radford, DIES suddenly at his home. His death is due to natural causes and there will be no inquest.

A court case against three Bulwell men charged with taking game without a licence is sensationally STOPPED and a new hearing ordered.

This follows an admission by two police witnesses that they ‘got together’ to make their NOTES after questioning the defendants.

A 44-year-old man who was struck on the head by a piece of FLYING METAL while working at Annesley Locomotive Depot is awarded £608 compensation in a case against the British Rail Board.

Two road ACCIDENTS occur in the Dispatch district at almost exactly the same time, one on Portland Road, Hucknall, and the other at the junction of Newstead Lane End and Annesley Road.

Ten tons of straw are destroyed when fire breaks out in a Dutch barn at GRANGE FARM, Papplewick.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- Nottingham is rightly proud of its tradition of ROBIN HOOD and it should be equally proud that the National Union of Mineworkers was born in the city in 1964.

So says J.T.TIGHE, President of the Notts Area of the NUM, in a talk to Bulwell and Basford Rotary Club.

He says trade union methods have changed and there is a strong emphasis now on NEGOTIATING with the bosses.

A claim by Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock that financing of a HOSPITAL building programme in the East Midlands has declined is denied by Health Minister Anthony Barber.

Mr Whitlock also presses the Government to take stronger action against overworking of LORRY DRIVERS and unfitness of their vehicles.

COALMINING has a bright future as long as miners still do a fair day’s work and mechanisation of the industry continues, says National Coal Board Divisional Chairman Wilfred Miron.

Plans are made to provide a PUBLIC PARK to serve Bestwood Estate and Bestwood Park Estate. Nottingham City Council asks if it can borrow £95,250 for the scheme.

A party of 250 pensioners from Bulwell enjoy a trip to NEW BRIGHTON. On the return journey, a toilet stop is made at the aptly-sounding town of Leek.

Former pupils of BLENHEIM Secondary Girls’ school, Bulwell, attend an OLD GIRLS’ reunion.

The Dispatch reports that the ex-pupils could be mistaken for MODELS turning up for a fashion parade.

Much-admired Hucknall doctor Otto Wallen helps to judge a BABY SHOW at the annual garden party of the League of Friends at Highbury Hospital, Bulwell.

Dealing with the siege of a small contingent of British soldiers in South Africa, ‘Zulu’, starring Michael Caine and Stanley Baker, is showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

COURT -- a Hucknall man is charged with DRINK-DRIVING after his car finishes up on a traffic island.

He claims he was under stress at the time because his wife had left him.

A former bakery roundsman from Bulwell who EMBEZZLED money he received from customers is fined £16 by Nottingham magistrates.

A 33-year-old Hucknall man who pocketed more than £300 from clients as an insurance agent tells a court he was GAMBLING HEAVILY at the time.

A Papplewick woman is granted a decree nisi at London Divorce Court on the grounds of ADULTERY by her husband.

NAMES -- local soldiers Lance-Corporal G.N.PEARS, of Linby, and Rifleman J.G.BONSER, of Hucknall, take part in a NATO exercise in Arctic Norway.

MISS W.J.SMY announces her retirement after 21 years as head teacher of Rufford Infant School, Bulwell.

Curly-haired WENDY PEARSON, a 21-year-old secretary, is a finalist in Hucknall Round Table’s Carnival Queen competition.

J.W.AUSTIN is inducted as the new president of Hucknall Rotary Club.

SPORT -- Hucknall Cricket Club bowler Zac Bembridge takes a total of 11 WICKETS for 42 runs in his side’s two weekend matches.