Cubs swot up for local knowledge challenge

A PACK of Hucknall Cubs were grateful for a helping hand to gain their ‘local knowledge’ activity badges.

For 4TH HUCKNALL CUBS, who are based at Salterford Road, enlisted the help of HUCKNALL TOURISM AND REGENERATION GROUP (HTRG).

To qualify for their badges, the Cubs did activities centred on famous people associated with Hucknall and were helped by Sheila and Ken Robinson, and David Heathcote, of HTRG.

The youngsters then completed a walk around Hucknall town centre to bring together the information they had found out about local celebrities, with the help of buildings and monuments connected to them.

Sheila, Ken and David presented the Cubs with their badges. They were then given medals for the best collages they had produced connected with the project.

As an extra bonus, the youngsters were given HTRG pin badges, while the pack was awarded a trophy.