Dispatch Riders

HELLO to all you members of Dispatch Riders.


THE WINNER of last week’s Dispatch Riders competition is six-year-old ZAC VINNY ORTON, of Snowdrop Close, Hucknall. Well done Maisie! Your prize will be posted to you within 28 days.


THINKING caps at the ready. See if you can figure out the answers to these maths posers:

1. If a single carrot weighs 15 grammes, who much would seven identical carrots weigh in total?

2. How much change from a £5 note would you have if you bought a magazine at £1.99 and a packet of sweets for 75p?

3. If you lay five 95-mtere long football pitches end-to-end, how far will they stretch?

4. If an apple costs 75p, how much would your bill be for five?

5. If you watch three one hour and 35-minute movies back-to-back, how long will it take to watch them all?

Send your answers, along with your name, age and address, to Dispatch Riders, 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, DE7 8ER. Alternatively, e-mail them to newsdesk@hucknall-dispatch.co.uk or drop them off at our ‘community post box’ at Johnson‘s newsagent‘s on High Street, Hucknall. The closing date for entries is Wednesday (October 24).


MANY happy returns to these Dispatch Riders who are about to celebrate their birthdays:

October 19: Elyssa Tarpey

October 20: Georgia Slack

October 22: Callum Morrill

October 24: George Henry Judd

October 25: Elliot Williams

See you next week!