Fitness expert to hold free nutrition seminar in Hucknall

What's on.
What's on.

Simon Gunn, Human Performance Coach from Jelly Fitness will be holding a free nutrition seminar to try and distil the myths and provide facts on how to eat correctly for exercise and fat loss.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday 4th June at 7pm - 9pm, at the John Godber Centre, Hucknall.

Fitness expert Simon Gunn said: “I started my business to educate people how to lose weight healthier and correctly for longevity.

I’m sick of hearing all of these silly diets that cause drastic weight loss and health implications that follow this time of the year due to holidays and weddings.

“I am holding a small free seminar to help put a few facts to myths and fad diets.”

Contact Jacqueline on 07941 682484 adding the names wanting to attend.

There are spaces for a total of 30 people. For more information visit the Jelly Fitness Facebook page.