Ginsters reveals the secret eating habits of the nation on National Sausage Roll Day

Ginsters reveals the secret eating habits of the nation on National Sausage Roll Day.Ginsters reveals the secret eating habits of the nation on National Sausage Roll Day.
Ginsters reveals the secret eating habits of the nation on National Sausage Roll Day.
This Sausage Roll Day (5th June 2024), and in a bid to celebrate the savoury pastry staple, Ginsters has taken a deep dive into the nation’s sausage roll eating styles, revealing the different ways we enjoy them.

Ginsters has used these fresh insights to categorize our habits into individual eating styles, from the 59% who get saucy with their sossy roll by creatively pairing and applying sauce, to the temperature tribe who jump into the warm vs cold debate.

Then there’s the die-hard quality aficionados who put provenance first (17%), and even the finger-fans (76%), who refuse to engage with a knife and fork.

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While we can’t agree on how to eat them, what’s clear is the love nation the holds for sausage rolls, with one in four (26%) enjoying one at least once a week.

Saucy sossy!

The nation is alive with debate over the perfect accompaniment for the sausage roll with more than half of the nation (59%) enjoying them with a condiment. Results show that 72% of Gen Z prefer to eat their sausage roll with a sauce and are more likely to be more experimental with trying unconventional pairings – from BBQ sauce (14%) to salad cream (12%), and even jam (8%).

Some pairings, although controversial, are considered enjoyable – as 8% claim mayonnaise makes the perfect duo, and some (4%) even admit to enjoying sausage rolls with gravy. However, ketchup remains king and comes out top of the rankings amongst all age groups.

Top sauce pairings:

1. Ketchup (27%)

2. Brown Sauce (15%)

3. Mayonnaise (8%)

4. Mustard (8%)

5. Barbecue Sauce (7%)

Once Brits have found their perfect pairing, they then look to apply the sauce, which can be done in various methods. 61% of those surveyed prefer to dip the sausage roll into a pot of their chosen condiment, whereas one in four say they prefer to drizzle it on top. Controversially, 11% of the nation open up the pastry and put the sauce inside before tucking in.

To heat or not to heat, that is the question…

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When it comes to the ‘correct’ temperature to eat a sausage roll, research suggests the majority (61%) prefer to eat sausage rolls warmed up. However, millennials are more willing to eat them at room temperature, with 17% preferring to enjoy the tasty treat straight from the pack. Ginsters’ Senior Development Chef Will Gamble shares, “We agree with the nation, sausage rolls are best served warm! For the best taste, pop your Ginsters sausage roll in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes or in the air fryer at 170 degrees for 7-10 minutes to bring out the delicious flavour of pork and pastry.”

Quality is everything

What makes the perfect sausage roll? This is something that most Brits can agree on. Golden flaky puff pastry comes out on top (54%) with many also looking for them to be well-filled with a good sausage to pastry ratio (52%). Ranked highly is the importance of flavourful, seasoned sausage filling (41%) and 17% of us wanting to know that our sausage roll is made with 100% British pork. Ginsters’ Head Development Chef Will Gamble comments, ‘We know what makes a perfect sausage roll, which is why ours taste so great! We use the best, quality ingredients and of course, we add our distinctive peppery seasoning, and wrap it up in a flaky puff pastry!’

Fingers over fork

Overwhelmingly Brits categorise sausage rolls as ‘finger food’ (76%) and enjoy them without utensils, which isn’t surprising considering the sausage roll is a staple at picnics and parties across the country. Despite this, one in five believe the best way to eat it is with a knife and fork and perceive the sausage roll as a sit-down meal.

While one in three eat the sausage roll the ‘traditional way’ which is from the top down, 6% confess to eating the pastry first, followed by the sausage. Stranger still, Gen-z experiment with eating their sausage rolls with a little something sweet (11%), putting it in a sandwich (10%) and some profess to dipping it in a cup of tea (6%).

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Sarah Babb at Ginsters says: “With over half a century’s experience in perfecting our pastries, we’re pleased to celebrate with the nation and share our love of sausage rolls for the day! Over the years we’ve always put the effort into producing great-tasting pastries which includes our Sausage Roll, made with 100% British pork, a special blend of herbs and spices all wrapped up in our signature pastry. A great snack at any time of the day and blinking delicious no matter how you like to eat them.”

This beloved Sausage roll is made with 100% British pork combined with a special blend of spices and herbs. Finished off with golden pastry. Available at Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s for £1.50 RRP.

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