Hucknall family star in TV adverts campaign by Dunelm

A family living in Hucknall have been chosen to star in national TV adverts for one of the largest retailers in the country.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 6:41 pm
Alix and Gethin Edwards, with their three young children, who feature in the Dunelm adverts on ITV. (PHOTO BY: Nick Dolding)
Alix and Gethin Edwards, with their three young children, who feature in the Dunelm adverts on ITV. (PHOTO BY: Nick Dolding)

Primary school teachers Alix and Gethin Edwards, and their three children, feature in the ‘Real Families’ advertising campaign that showcases the new autumn range of homewares giants, Dunelm.

The ads, which went live this week for six weeks across all ITV channels, have been created to celebrate genuine lives and homes, rather than an airbrushed, unrealistic portrayal of domestic life.

Viewers are invited to take a peep behind the doors of the homes of the Edwards family, who are established Dunelm customers.

The family share, in their own words and in their own living room, how Dunelm has helped them turn their house into a home that suits and inspires their daily lives.

Alix, 31, and Gethin, 29, met while working at the same school and bought their Hucknall home together three years ago. Their children are Macksen, 5, Leo, 3, and one-year-old Rory.

They said: “When we were chosen for the TV adverts, we couldn’t quite believe how much our home happened to reflect one of Dunelm’s key trends, which features a lot of space-saving and multi-use furniture.

“We remember seeing Dunelm’s last ‘Real Families’ campaign on TV and still can’t believe we are now starring in one ourselves.”

On camera, the couple discuss the role their home plays in their lives, both practically and emotionally.

They show how Dunelm products help them with simple things such as cooking dinner and enable them to enjoy child-free time after the kids go to bed once their toys have been hidden away.

A second TV advert features another Nottinghamshire couple, pensioners Dorothy (‘Dotty’) and Moray Deane, aged 69 and 74, who live in Stapleford and are heading for retirement.

They show how they still enjoy busy and active lives and prove that their generation should not be stereotyped in advertising.

Angela Porter, marketing director at Dunelm, said: “Our ‘Real Families’ campaign shines a light on real people who just happen to be Dunelm customers, creating homes they love.

“Through a sneak peek into the lives of Alix and Gethin, and ‘Dotty’ and Moray’, we see stories many can relate to -- from how to avoid kids’ toys taking over the house to the fun we have in building homes together, no matter what stage we are in life.”