Hot tub causes a splash on family break in the Yorkshire Dales - review

Aysgarth Falls - pretty impressive
Aysgarth Falls - pretty impressive

Here's a tip for holidaying in the Yorkshire Dales when the summer seems to have packed up and gone home for the year - stay somewhere with a hot tub.

My family and I - which includes two boys aged three and ten - had our own private one on the veranda of the cabin we called home for four nights this August.

A free bottle of milk is just the job after a long drive.

A free bottle of milk is just the job after a long drive.

And it's not that we had the poshest residence in the resort at Aysgarth Lodges in North Yorkshire - they're standard across the board.

There's something quite smug about slipping into a spacious, bubbling Jacuzzi heated up to 40 degrees Celsius when it's pouring with rain while gazing up at the beautiful moors.

It feels like you've cheated the accursed British weather and if you've got young kids then you've saved yourself some major stress trying to keep them entertained when the weather's let you down.

The hot tubs are constantly running and are checked daily for cleanliness by the staff.

Forbidden Corner

Forbidden Corner

As far as my two were concerned they might as well have had an Olympic-sized swimming pool in their back garden - and you don't have to worry about the neighbours as the verandas have privacy screening while the cabins are nicely spread out so your nippers can splash and scream as much as they like.

The cabins are done out really nicely - ours had white wood walls, a nice l-shaped sofa, gorgeous lighting, a huge flat-screen TV and a kitchen with top-quality appliances - including dishwasher and washer-dryer.

We couldn't believe the degree of storage in the place - which also featured a walk-in wardrobe.

Sleeping quarters included comfy beds with spacious en-suite showers, robes and towels.

We had a hot tub party the first night

We had a hot tub party the first night

It's fair to say this place is a well-catered residence.

However if you're minded to venture out of the park to check out the surrounding area - something I didn't feel the need to do but kids do need a walk - there's loads to choose from.

Take a drive in either direction for 20 minutes and you'll find two beautiful Dales market towns stuffed with independent shops and narrow alleyways.

At Hawes you can watch farmers trade livestock, browse its bustling market or watch cheese - of Wallace and Gromit fame - being made at Wensleydale Creamery.

Towels modelled like elephants for the kids

Towels modelled like elephants for the kids

Kids get the chance to churn their own and then you can sit down and try the good stuff in the restaurant afterwards - but try and be moderate as it's pretty damn tasty.

Also 20 minutes' drive from Aysgarth is Forbidden Corner - a kind of magical fantasy maze comprised of gardens, turreted towers and cave-like passages which kids adore.

Mine certainly did.

If you want something closer to base the awesome Aysgarth Falls is a three-quarters-of-a-mile walk from the lodges.

This is not somewhere you could swim though - the falls are pretty big but an impressive natural spectacle and there's a great walk along them where your tots can dip their feet in quieter pools.

Staff at the park are friendly, hospitable and really keen to help - when you arrive you'll be greeted with a free glass of Prosecco and plenty of advice about where to find good walks and stuff to do.

The restaurant has a nice, relaxed vibe while the food won't let you down - the sirloin steak comes cooked EXACTLY as you ask for it and the Black Sheep beer is top-notch.

We were serenaded by a live singer while we ate and the kids were happy with the ice-cream counter where they could chose their flavour afterwards.

To sum-up - North Yorkshire's a staggeringly beautiful place to visit and you won't be disappointed but trust me on the hot tub.

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