Hucknall news 50 years ago

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Veteran Dispatch reporter Denis Robinson brings you a round-up of the news 50 years ago on 30th October.

HEADLINERS -- a racially-motivated ATTACK on a bus conductor in Bulwell Market Place leads to two men being jailed for three months by magistrates. A third man involved has ‘disappeared’, the court hears.

Bench chairman Cyril Forsyth says: “This was an extremely serious ASSAULT on a man serving the public.”

Five Bulwell boys admit in court that they endangered lives when they released a 12-ton railway coal WAGON, which ran free for 700 yards beore stopping at a rising gradient.

LINBY COLLIERY becomes the third East Midlands pit to raise a million tons of coal this year. The colliery, which has a workforce of 1,100, is one of the most efficient coalmines in Europe.

FIRE breaks out at a local fish and chip shop. Three customers are there at the time but no-one is injured.

The former MUSSONS shop on High Street, Hucknall is to be demolished and replaced by four new shops.

The old-established RIGLEYS waggon works on Bulwell Forest is closed down with the loss of 200 jobs.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- a speaker at a Bulwell pensioners’ meeting recalls a woman teacher at his former school who had a CAT O’ NINE TAILS.

He says the teacher went round the class and everyone who could not answer a question got a taste of the STRAP.

FINES and court costs imposed by Nottingham magistrates rose to a peak figure of £62,171 during the past year -- 15 times the number for 1939.

A record number of 117 entrants take part in the Hucknall and District CAGE BIRD Society’s annual show at St Alban’s Hall, Bulwell.

Exhibitors come from as far afield as Birmingham, Burton-on-Trent and Boston, Lincolnshire.

A Baptist minister from Bristol, speaking in Hucknall, hits out at prejudice as an obstacle to CHURCH UNITY.

A DUTCH MARKET is held at Our Lady Catholic Church on Brooklyn Road, Bulwell.

A battle between two monsters is the highlight of ‘King Kong versus Godzilla’, showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

NAMES -- Cockney comic TOMMY TRINDER, whose famous catchphrase is ‘You Lucky People’, entertains at the Stork Club in Hucknall and the Piccadilly Club in Bulwell.

Tommy holds the record for 70 consecutive weeks compering the ITV show, ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’.

WILLIAM WHITLOCK, who has been re-elected as Hucknall and Bulwell’s Labour MP, is appointed Vice-Chamberlain of the Royal Household in the new Labour Government.

The death occurs of ALBERT TURNER (79), who founded a chemist’s shop and optician’s on Highbury Road, Bulwell.

The choir of Rufford School, where the bride is a teacher, take part in the wedding of MARGARET WRIGHT, of Main Street, Bulwell, and MICHAEL GEER, of Great Yarmouth.