Russell Grant Horoscopes

CELEBRITY stargazer Russell Grant looks at what the week ahead has in store (from Sunday May 20)

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

You’ll make great strides professionally and politically. The key is to make yourself useful, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. No job is too small or insignificant for your attention. When others see you are willing to clean, organise, and attend to minor details, they’ll double their efforts too. An influential executive admires your ‘can do’ spirit, and will offer you a raise, promotion, or well paid position. This is your chance to shine by taking control of events.

TAURUS April 21st - May 21st

Creative inspiration comes in an unexpected way. You may find yourself flipping through a travel catalogue or watching a movie set in foreign climes and decide to write, paint, or play music. Alternatively, feelings of restlessness could see you taking an overseas vacation. Visiting an ancient city known for its art and culture will be stimulating. Locals will find your particular brand of charm exotic and alluring. Could there be a hint of amour in the air?

GEMINI May 22nd - June 21st

Money from a grant, loan, or scholarship lets you move closer to a cherished dream. Take this opportunity to start a business, buy a home, or acquire new qualifications. Fortunately, your family backs your plans, and will relieve you of many of the responsibilities that are holding you back. Don’t hesitate to call upon them to cook meals, help with childcare, or watch pets. You’ve always been great at multitasking, but even you have your limits.

CANCER June 22nd - July 23rd

An advertising or promotional campaign brings impressive results. If you want a job, send out your CVs. Need to increase business? Post eye catching flyers all over the neighbourhood, and launch an impressive website. Crave romance? Post a profile on an online dating site. The key is to set yourself apart from the crowd. Emphasise your unique qualities and talents, and don’t be afraid to sound a little unorthodox. You’ll get a mass of intriguing responses.

LEO July 24th - August 23rd

You’ll have to spend money to make money. If you’re looking for work, invest in a tailored interview suit, a smart phone, or a new computer. Employers are impressed with people who are willing to invest in themselves. You don’t have to buy anything flashy. Sleek sophistication serves you best. Not sure what to buy? Ask a style conscious friend to accompany you on a shopping expedition. If you’re unsure they’ll know exactly what look you need.

VIRGO August 24th - September 23rd

You’ll have to push hard to get what you want, but don’t give up! A modest person like you sometimes has difficulty being assertive. Your ideas and insights have lots of merit. By championing them, you will make a respected name for yourself. A highly creative individual will be open to trying something new, so long as you approach them with wit, charm, and cunning. Poking gentle fun at their mannerisms will be an outrageously cheeky gamble that pays off.

LIBRA September 24th - October 23rd

Trust your instincts over a testing family situation. Things can’t carry on like this. Ignoring someone’s bad behaviour is just putting them in greater danger. It’s time to intervene and speak your mind. A knowledgeable friend will offer their unconditional support. If you have to make some radical decisions and changes so be it. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel when you’re able to devote your full attention to the people and activities you love.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 22nd

Some startling news from a friend causes you to change your plans. You might have an opportunity to live abroad, write a book, or start a business. Switching gears will give you a new lease on life. It will also put you on the path to romance. In the past, you have been attracted to unconventional, unorthodox types. Now you’re willing to give someone practical and honest a try. Keep your eyes open for someone who wears spotless, tailored clothing.

SAGITTARIUS November 23rd - December 21st

A rise, promotion, or well paid post will be offered to you. This is your chance to build a secure foundation for yourself. Although you don’t want to remain rooted to one place, you do need to put some money away for the future. Having a financial cushion will give you the freedom to work and travel as you please. Fortunately, you don’t insist on owning lots of expensive luxuries. You’re happy with living within your means, which will allow you more freedom.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 20th

Undergoing a radical transformation will change the way everybody treats you. In the past, you preferred associating with people who shared your views and values. Now you’re more open to making friends from different walks of life. If you feel inspired to take an overseas trip or acquire new knowledge, do it. Widening your horizons makes you feel years younger. There is still so much to see and experience; stop telling yourself it’s too late to take risks!

AQUARIUS January 21st - February 19th

Working behind the scenes yields impressive results. By partnering someone who looks conventional, but appreciates your creative vision, you’ll make great strides. You won’t get credit for your work, but you will find a way to execute good ideas without having to tussle with narrow minded types. Fill out all the necessary applications for money for a business proposal now. You have a good chance for getting at least one sizable grant.

PISCES February 20th - March 20th

Teamwork is the name of the game. Whether you need a job, have to relocate, or want to get in shape, let your friends know about your plans. They’ll be happy to support you. Too often, you keep your feelings to yourself, preferring to lend assistance to others. This makes you feel alienated and isolated. Actually, there are lots of people who want to help you, but they’re not sure how to proceed. Be a little more forthcoming; you won’t be sorry.