THE GRINCH’S CHRISTMAS CALENDAR: A flaming disaster of a dessert

Christmas pudding is tradtionally stirred from east to west.
Christmas pudding is tradtionally stirred from east to west.

To mark the countdown to Christmas, every day we will be opening our alternative advent calendar - what annoys us most about the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

While it may be a time for fun and families for some, for others it’s a festive hell, purgatory wrapped up in an unwanted present and draped in tinsel-covered torment.

Here’s what our very own office Grinch has to say about it:

December 8: Christmas pudding

Oh dear. A dessert that is so bad that we feel the need to set fire to it to make it edible.

Christmas pudding seems to divide all of those faced with it, they either despise it, or claim they love it.

Yet those who say they love it always ask for ‘just a little bit’. I’ve never heard anyone with a sweet tooth say that they’ll just have a ‘little bit’ of treacle sponge, or just a few profiteroles.

The truth is even those who allege to like this brandy-soaked monstrosity eat it out of tradition, rather than out of choice.

Also, I don’t trust any food that can last months or even years without ‘going off’.

If germs turn their noses up at it, why do we still persist?