The Hucknall Dispatch headlines from 31st July 1964

NEWS: News.
NEWS: News.

HEADLINERS -- a controversial idea that the Local Government Boundary Commission should be pressed to include HUCKNALL in plans for a Greater Nottingham is turned down by Nottingham City Council.

The Dispatch hails the decision as a ‘victory for common sense’ but stresses that everything must be done to stop any future danger of Hucknall being SWALLOWED UP by the city.

But members are not satisfied that early stages of the scheme downstream would help Bulwell’s position. They call for IMMEDIATE work on the river’s Bulwell section.

In a magistrates’ court case, two Hucknall men are cleared of wounding their father, who is described by a defence solicitor as ‘a tyrant, a bully and a drunkard’.

Both brothers deny using a FIRE RAKE to hit their father, who needed hospital treatment for facial injuries.

All three men are BOUND OVER to keep the peace for 12 months in the sum of £20 and told not to lose their tempers.

The Notts Area of the National Union of Mineworkers takes disciplinary action against five members who led an unofficial campaign by colliery craftsmen for HIGHER PAY.

President Jack Tighe says: “It was a DESPICABLE campaign against national leaders who were only carrying out decisions made by the National Executive Committee.”

The ‘WHIRLPOOL’ do-it-yourself laundry service, which was due to open on Commercial Road, Bulwell, gets off to an unfortunate start.

With people queuing up to use the widely-advertised facility, a technical FAILURE with the water supply means that the opening has to be postoned.

The Conservative Government is more concerned with STAYING IN POWER than in the welfare of the country, says Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock.

He claims that in desperation the Tories are blaming an alleged loss of naval export orders to Spain on a speech by Labour’s HAROLD WILSON.

Walt Disney’s ‘The Sword in the Stone’, which tells of a boy named Wart who becomes King of England, can be seen at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

UNEMPLOYMENT in Hucknall and Bulwell over the last three months is reported to be at its lowest level for nearly four years.

Members of Bulwell No 2 Old Age Pensioners’ Association visit the nationally-famous GERRARDS soap factory in New Basford.

Train trips to the EAST COAST resorts of Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea, all priced at 14 shillings and sixpence, are advertised in the Dispatch.

Girls of Blenheim Secondary School, Bulwell, model BEACHWEAR and summer dresses they have made themselves.

NAMES -- well-known retired Hucknall builder JOHN PLUMB writes a book entitled ‘A Pantheistic View of the Universe’.

He poses the profound question: “Is the UNIVERSE just an accident or is there mind and purpose behind it all?”

Sisters HEATHER and JENNIFER ROBINSON, of Durham Crescent, are married in a double wedding at St Mary’s Church, Bulwell.

Heather is married to KEITH MORLEY, of Heathfield Estate, and Jennifer weds KEITH JAMES, of Clarges Street, Bulwell.

The Rev JAMES ROBERTSON, of Beverley, Yorkshire, is appointed as the new Bulwell Baptist minister.

Both stalwarts of Bulwell Church of Christ, ARTHUR and FLORENCE CREE celebrate their diamond wedding.

Back in this country from Iran are Dr ASGHAR (JOHN) SHEKARCHI, his wife, CHRISTINE, and their 13-year-old daughter, JACQUELINE.

They are staying with Christine’s parents, Mr and Mrs GEORGE HAYWOOD, of Grindon Crescent, Bulwell Hall Estate.

The head teacher of Hucknall National Secondary School, KENNETH REED, and his wife visit Panama City to spend a month with their son and his family, who live there.

Bestwood Colliery man JAMES CATTON is presented with a wrist watch by workmates to mark his retirement after working at the village pit for 35 years.

COURT -- conflicting versions of a FRACAS ouside Hucknall’s Green Dragon pub are heard by magistrates.

SPORT -- big-hitting Ray Martin, of Bulwell Cricket Club, brings his total of SIXES to 20 in five matches with four against Clifton Village