What was making the headlines in Hucknall Dispatch in June 1964

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HEADLINERS - four days after Bulwell man Leslie Storer fetches a Consul-Corsair car from a dealer’s, it finishes up on its ROOF as the result of a collision with another car.

Mr Storer was driving along Kersall Drive, Bulwell, at the time and it was the first BRAND-NEW car he had ever owned.

He and his son, Michael, crawl out of the wrecked car completely UNSCATHED and the driver of the other car also escapes injury.

Mr Storer says: “I have been driving for about 30 YEARS, including heavy goods vehicles, and it is the first time I have had as much as a scratch on a car.”

Three-year-old Anthony Parker, of Turton Street, Bulwell, suffers a BRUISED LEG in another accident and is treated at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Nottingham City Transport’s No 70 BUS between Bulwell and Bestwood Park Estate, operating on Fridays and Saturdays, is to be scrapped, it is announced.

A Hucknall man who poured petrol over two EASY CHAIRS at his home and then set them alight tells a court he did it to ‘get back’ at his wife.

The National Coal Board Chairman, Lord Robens, says MECHANISATION and remote-controlled machines are vital if the industry is to survive.

He says coal is facing fierce competition from oil as well as gas produced from under the NORTH SEA.

A FIRE which starts in the canteen of William J.Butler’s, the printers, of Bulwell Town Hall, is spotted by people in a bus queue across the road, who raise the alarm.

Bulwell and Basford Rotary Club resolve at their annual meeting to spend every HALFPENNY they have in hand.

Members say money raised for charitable purposes does no good while it is standing in the BANK.

The Dispatch strongly denies a claim by Coun Jack Barker, a new Labour member of Hucknall Urban Council, that we stated or suggested that the controlling Labour group’s actions in taking all the committee chairmanships was OUTRAGEOUS.

Bulwell businessman and politician Stanley Thomas accuses Labour, when in power, of wasting a £1,000 million LOAN to this country from America.

He claims it will take another 40 YEARS for us to pay the loan back.

The main speaker at a meeting at Robin Hood School, Bestwood Park Estate, is ABE MOFFATT, the former head of the Scottish Miners’ Union.

He says: “Only Communist election candidates say money for education, housing and pensions should be found by cutting the ARMS BILL in half.”

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- Bestwood Colliery CARNIVAL WEEK is due to begin with the choice of a carnival queen.

A full programme of activities is planned, including PONY RIDES for children, dancing for the women and football and boxing for men.

A large ADVERT for the carnival is placed in the Dispatch. This points out that printed programmes cost one shilling.

In the most important day of their lives so far, 30 children of Bulwell Roman Catholic Church receive their first HOLY COMMUNIION.

The yooungsters were trained by Mrs A.DURKEN, who is unable to be present because she has just undergone a serious operation.

In an ‘I Remember’ article, Dispatch founder Henry Morley looks back on the life of Canon MICHAEL JAMES O’REILLY, who was Hucknall’s Roman Catholic priest for many years.

Canon O’Reilly was deeply appreciated for his efforts to help BELGIAN REFUGEES who had fled their own country as the result of the German invasion during World War One.

He DIED through complicatiosn arising from an accident in the local Catholic school yard when a desk fell on his shin.

An entertaining romance and adventure story of the American West, ‘McLintock’, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, can be seen at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

A mouth-watering recipe for rhubarb, fig and ginger JAM is included in the Dispatch ‘Mainly for Women’ feature by Domesticus.

A talk on ‘GOSSIPS’ is given by Mrs B.Smillie, past-president of the Notts Adult School Union, at a meeting of Hucknall Women’s Adult School.

She says all people indulge in gossip at one time another but the BIBLE urges us not to ‘ill-use our tongues’.

An appeal for members of the Nottingham and District Friends of Spastics group to make individual efforts to increase funds is made by the secretary, Mrs H.E.WOLFF, speaking Hucknall.

The motto, ‘Walk in the Christian Way’, is adopted by churches in the Bulwell Sunday School Union for their annual demonstration.

COURT -- a Bulwell Hall Estate man is granted a degree at Nottingham Divorce Court on the grounds of his wife’s ADULTERY.

NAMES -- two Bulwell couples, Mr and Mrs JOHN CORNER and Mr and Mrs ARCHIE COPSE, celebrate their golden weddings.

The Rev J.W.MEADLEY, princiipal of Cliff College, Derbyshire, visits the Wesleyan Reform Church, Annesley Woodhouse and preaches at afternoon and evening services.

EDMOND MACHIN, of Main Street, Linby, who claims to know every one of his 9,000 customers by name, retires after 21 years with the Nottingham Trading Association.

SPORT -- Hucknall United Cricket Club beat local rivals Bulwell Excelsior by 98 runs at Titchfield Park, skittling them out for ONLY 39.