Your Horoscopes

A LOOK at what’s written in the stars for the week ahead.

VIRGO (August 24—September 23)

Cash is highlighted as next week begins. Some may flow in quickly in the first few days, only to be swallowed up by unexpected expenses. What other good news do I have for you, Virgo? Well, you are on a sharp learning-curve about finances that will serve you very well in the future. Also, a close relationship needs your attention as someone is disappointed in their career sector.

LIBRA (September 24—October 23)

Work together with others right through next week. It is a time of changes and frustrations. The New Moon in Libra highlights any problems with relationships in particular. That may be a good thing, though, if it brings something out for discussion. You are never at your best unless communicating well, Libra, so make a special effort to sort out any niggling resentments. Use that charm!

SCORPIO (October 24—Nov 22)

Caring for yourself and your own wellbeing is the most important task for you next week, Scorpio. Try not to overwork. Take regular time out to relax and recharge. Were you going to have a health check-up? Please do because your importance to others and their wellbeing cannot be doubted. Loved ones are particularly sympathetic. Is there something that you want to ask for? It’s a good time.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23—Dec 21)

Young people and money cause you to think hard next week. A small problem will stay small if you deal with it sooner rather than later. There are some awkward customers about, but you don’t have to deal with them if there is an easier way. Group activities, while being fun, may seem a bit ‘political’ next week. Again, you can get on with something more relaxing and enjoyable if you choose.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22—January 20)

Although you may be thinking of making changes in the workplace next week, it may be best to hold fire. There are changes going on that, although you may not be directly involved, could be helpful. When asked your opinion, feel free to give it but avoid getting embroiled in any disagreements. Your influence in this area is not great, so why take on the stress? Time will tell.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21—Feb 19)

A romantic tinge to the week ahead triggers thoughts of the future. What would it be like if you went in this or that direction?! With an active imagination, it seems that anything is possible. Food for thought. In a practical sense, the work and travel front can be awkward, with technical and legal matters needing attention. Concentrate on these during the day to avoid problems.

PISCES (February 20— March 20)

Great communications and an open attitude can solve any problems next week. The New Moon in Libra highlights any money problems and also those of a partner. Mixing love and cash requires subtlety and care. Relatives may prove unhelpful but it is possible to overcome a cash flow problem. Developing a hobby that can bring in small but important amounts is worthwhile.

ARIES (March 21—April 20)

The New Moon brings bright light to Libra as next week begins, bringing fresh life to relationships. The chance to show someone how much you care should not be missed. Search in your heart and identify any desires that are unfulfilled. Work towards achieving these with charm and understanding. You may not have the same needs as a loved one, but you do want to end up in the same place.

TAURUS (April 21—May 21)

Bring out your tactful side next week as others prove to be argumentative. Some work-related problems come to a head and it is best to be on the sidelines rather than in the middle of it! Much as others make mistakes, they are not likely to listen to any advice. So don’t take rejection of your ideas personally. At home things are much lighter, with the Libran New Moon bringing warmth to relationships.

GEMINI (May 22—June 21)

The New Moon in Libra tugs at your heartstrings as next week starts. Be cautious, though, if mixing finances with romance. If giving to charity, check it is legitimate. Household buys may not be all that they seem. In anything legal, read the small print. Does it sound as though you shouldn’t take any risks? Quite right! Relaxing at home, however, brings some satisfying and revealing moments.

CANCER (June 22—July 23)

Take a determined attitude next week and aim to keep your sense of humour. Who is trying to throw a spanner in your works? It could be anyone from your partner to the plumber, but don’t despair! Taking the right attitude saves stress and cash. Getting a quote? Get several. The first solution to a problem may not be the best, so be open-minded. Indeed, ‘flexibility’ should be your word of the week!

LEO (July 24—August 23)

A bright light is shone on all communications and travel by the New Moon in Libra as next week begins. Do you like a challenge, Leo? Of course you do. Expect a few delays or changes in travel plans. Putting these off could be for the best, where possible. Colleagues are not in good spirits, either. Set about arranging something for the evenings that will relax and please you, to maintain a balance.