Your Horoscopes

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23—December 21)

Keep a close watch on meetings and appointments this week. Mistakes and misunderstandings are likely. Thinking about making plans for the future? If it is something life-changing then consider the second week in December a good time. A recent meeting with someone who interested you may have come to nothing. Keep in touch with them. Things could change.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22—January 20)

Dreams and intuition play a large part in keeping a balance next week. You cannot live by facts and practicalities alone. Stay focused when travelling or in the kitchen, however, to avoid mistakes. Bring something of your mental energy to relationships. Make suggestions for festive get-togethers. Be aware, though, that you may be asked to organise them!

AQUARIUS (January 21—February 19)

A lively week but one in which you must take care of your possessions and health. Avoid mistakes by taking a practical approach. When meeting new people be sure to get contact details if they interest you. This will spice up your social life in the New Year. Couples find themselves feeling particularly ‘together’. Singles are full of optimism. Cash flow seems to get better, but don’t overspend.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Feeling brighter ahead of next week? A lightness in your step? Could it be the impending festivities or that new person that you met last week? Optimism is in the air. Spread a little of it about by spending time with doleful friends. Don’t worry, they won’t bring you down. Make new social connections even if they will not be immediately active. Time is on your side, but accept invitations.

ARIES (March 21—April 20)

Longing for a less hectic time as this month comes to an end? Don’t bank on it! Still, this is a time when hard work is rewarded, as you are about to find out. Keep up the pace and enthusiasm where you are able, as next month gives more of a chance to relax. Some travel plans or deadlines may change. Be ready to be flexible rather than give yourself stress by saying ‘if only’.

TAURUS (April 21—May 21)

A recent romantic meeting is still sending bolts of excitement through you. What can you make of it? Where will it lead? Perhaps nowhere but it is good to use your imagination sometimes! Cash flow should now be picking up. Don’t be afraid to ask for money that is owed to you. A problem that you foresee with that is likely to be all in your mind. Take a more practical attitude.

GEMINI (May 22—June 21)

The offer of a change of scenery comes just at the right time. You don’t have to spend a lot and others understand if you don’t. Just let others give a little more of their hospitality and time. There are some good deals to be had on holidays and weekend breaks. Even festive shopping sees some great offers. Romance is still possible. Make your intentions clear and keep smiling.

CANCER (June 22—July 23)

Keep your social life on the fast track. Recent romantic moments do not have to stop if the incentive to keep them going is there. Indeed, it is a great week for relationships of any kind. Business suddenly becomes busy both on a practical basis and socially. You may be asked to organise a meeting or seminar. It gives you a chance to show your hidden talents. Be brave.

LEO (July 24—August 23)

A busy time at home means that you need to be super organised to avoid confusion and mistakes. In the back of your mind there are thoughts of someone who you met recently. They seemed attracted to you but perhaps have not been in touch. Don’t take this as a snub. They, also, could be busy. Send a festive card with an invitation to meet some time, and wait. Recognition at work gives the end of the month something of a golden glow.

VIRGO (August 24—September 23)

Your high energy and busy life could mean that you lose concentration at times this week. Double check anything that could cause an accident. Give yourself plenty of time when making journeys. Plans for a festive social occasion take up some of your time, but the result will be well worth the effort. A recent disappointment in love may soon turn around for a nice surprise.

LIBRA (September 24—October 23)

Next week is a week to make plans for the coming month. Family figures high on your list, although some members seem hard to pin down. Glances of love are fleeting in your intimate life, but take note that it is still there. People seem to flit through your everyday life, not taking time to stop and enjoy the moment. Sadly a mistake that we are all prone to!

SCORPIO (October 24—November 22)

Saving cash is easier than making it next week. There are bargains to be had, but check invoices and statements carefully. The feeling that something is not quite right in this area could prove to be true. A recent romance that seemed to have petered out suddenly bursts into flame. A lovely surprise or a bit of a puzzle? Don’t look too hard for reasons, just enjoy.