Your Horoscopes

A LOOK at the stars for the week up until Sunday January 8.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22—January 20)

It is great to want to get ahead. Still, don’t be so keen that you miss a good bit of advice midweek. Keep things going in the right direction or change them. You need to gain more knowledge in your chosen field to keep ahead. Although things move quickly, you are more than able to be a success. Application and determination are your allies more than wishful thinking and imagination.

AQUARIUS (January 21—February 19)

Feeling dynamic? Awkward moments may threaten to hold you up. Helping someone else may be the way forward. Although you do not see immediate returns on your efforts, they will arrive. Many people have to be patient in the present climate, so you are not alone in that. Stay organised for when the financial atmosphere changes. Be ready then to act.

PISCES (February 20—March 20)

It seems that you will get what you want at work if you ask for the right thing. At home, you may wish for the same but care and consideration are more of a factor. Organise your working life to give more attention to a partner. Be prepared to be flexible if they have a problem to solve. Romance may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is on someone else’s!

ARIES (March 21—April 20)

A pretty dynamic start to the week sees you organising not only yourself but also those around you! This may not always be appreciated, so have patience. New Year’s resolutions have been made and there is a determination to stick with them this time around. Be sure to be seen and heard as the week begins. This is not a time for modesty. State your needs clearly.

TAURUS (April 21—May 21)

An unusual suggestion made by a friend or colleague inspires you to go ahead with a plan, perhaps earlier than anticipated. Something that you want very much indeed is behind your actions as the week begins. There is a need to be sharp and on the ball. The weekend, however, is for relaxation and spending quality time with your favourite people. Enjoy!

GEMINI (May 22—June 21)

Something that has been going well for you recently does not need changing. A good motto is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Any restlessness must be dealt with by moving forward, not back. In a romantic week, communications are easier than usual. Be open with loved ones and maybe plan something special for the weekend. You can never be too attentive.

CANCER (June 22—July 23)

There are a lot of energetic people around you as the week begins. It is a time when your imagination is easily fired. Make a point of noting any good ideas that spring to mind for later use. Bring neighbours in for a drink to continue the contact made earlier. Taking a chance on love at the weekend can be surprisingly successful.

LEO (July 24—August 23)

With your personal life on an even keel, make it a week to get to grips with work. Something needs all of your attention and a practical approach. Having got to grips with this, however, be kind to your body. Plenty of relaxation time in the evenings helps to stave off a cold. Good personal relationships boost the immune system further by providing you with lots of feelgood hormones.

VIRGO (August 24—September 23)

Chatter away to your heart’s content as you come across new people and opportunities. It is a week when you are socially on a high. New people who come into your sphere of influence need nurturing. Communication is where success lies for you, especially through to the weekend. At this time, it is advisable to give yourself the chance to relax and chill out.

LIBRA (September 24—October 23)

Over the holiday period, something has been settled in your mind. There is a feeling of peace that was not there before. Perhaps you now realise what is important to you. A conversation at work makes you realise that someone could be very helpful to you in this area. That is fine as long as the price that you are asked to pay is not too high. Give home life priority.

SCORPIO (October 24—November 22)

Everyone is working to their own plan as the week begins. A fresh start is what we all want, but you especially. Use humour and charm to get what you want, rather than become pushy. A short trip or time out refreshes your imagination and takes you away from a tense situation. Even so, you soon want to get back and show others what you are capable of!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23—December 21)

Getting off to a fast start? Slow a little if you feel that others cannot keep up with you. A lot of attention should still be on home matters in any case. There is a need for getting money matters organised. Look to make savings, even if they are small. Develop good habits in this area but you must include your partner if it is to work. You cannot do everything yourself.