Your Horoscopes (week commencing November 21)

SCORPIO (October 24—November 22)

The spotlight is on social meetings and plans. You will be in demand. When invitations come that you intend to refuse, be tactful. That does not include saying that you accept and then changing your mind. Be honest or say that you cannot commit yourself to anything. Check on finances before going out for those Christmas bargains.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23—December 21)

Any promises made next week may be hard to keep in the longer term. Better to be honest and frank rather than waste time. Romance is certainly in the air, possibly with someone that you meet next week. Such a relationship may be shortlived. That does not mean, however, that it will not be enjoyable and instructive! This is not a time for making serious decisions.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22—January 20)

Some dreams can be meaningful. Scour yours carefully next week for the odd clue. There is a direction that you could take that would make life better. Trust your instincts and tap into your intuition. Socially, you are in demand and someone may have a bit of a ‘crush’ on you. Flattering though it may be, take care. What starts as a flirtation could turn into a nuisance.

AQUARIUS (January 21—February 19)

Taking care is what next week is all about. Taking care of your friends, family and health are all important. There are many (if fun) demands on you, so give time to relax. Romance may come and go. This could be due to someone being very busy or even unable to cope. Getting loved ones to open up and talk to you about things is good. Often it will strengthen a relationship. Showing that you care is a strength.

PISCES (February 20—March 20)

An exciting and real plan seems to be forming for the festive season. Too far away? Maybe not, when the next few weeks are set to be so busy. Leisure time should be shared with relaxing people, not those who would make demands of you. Work issues can be confusing and you may feel left up in the air. Be patient and flexible to make the most of the New Year in this area.

ARIES (March 21—April 20)

Verbal slips and mishaps are likely next week. As it is a very sociable time, care is needed in not putting your foot in it! Help others to keep their sense of humour by taking a lighter approach to any misunderstandings. Surprises midweek could mean having to change a planned activity at the weekend. Still, all is not lost as finances show signs of picking up. Of course, that does mean extra work!

TAURUS (April 21—May 21)

Everyone needs your input next week. Optimism is in short supply and you have been chosen to cheer everyone up! Just being yourself seems fine enough. After midweek, a jump forward in a personal relationship could mean a proposal of some kind. You may not have to think much about this. However, whatever the response, remember that you cannot please everyone.

GEMINI (May 22—June 21)

Stay sharp when it comes to business and details of any kind. Mistakes are possible and misunderstandings even more so. Still, midweek is lighter with some good news coming from a relative or long-term friend. Thinking of planning a holiday? Finances work out better if this is a shared endeavour. Budgets are much in your mind to avoid overspending at Christmas.

CANCER (June 22—July 23)

Already it seems that family and friends want to organise you for the festive season. Don’t be rushed for you have a lot to consider. Younger people figure more in your plans than last year and may have their own ideas for where you should be! A romantic interest seems to be blowing hot and cold. It could be that they have some personal problems. Try to get them talking.

LEO (July 24—August 23)

It is a great week for being with family and friends. Maybe you should consider what to do for the holidays. There may even be a New Year house move on the agenda. This is a week to make memories and small decisions that have big results. Some mix-ups are likely, though, so make sure that you listen carefully and write down any dates. Someone close may misunderstand a proposal. This may seem funny at the time but could prove embarrassing.

VIRGO (August 24—September 23)

In a week where you are very sharp, solving problems and helping others, seems easy enough. Teamwork, at the moment, can make the difference between something being a chore and being fun. The most unlikely outcome from a business matter surprises you. It just goes to show that it is best to take a flexible approach! When it comes to work in the home, call the professionals rather than do it yourself.

LIBRA (September 24—October 23)

So many communications could be causing confusion next week. It does seem that everyone wants a bit of you, especially at Christmas! Give yourself time to get organised before agreeing to anything. Rushed plans may need changing later. Keep your mind quiet during the evenings by relaxing and clearing your thoughts. Choose your company because they have a calming effect.