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A Mansfield woman has been shortlisted for the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards after being nominated by her daughter.

Sharron Reynolds (47) was chosen over thousands of others from across the UK as an example of a selfless mother who has spent her life helping others.

The dedicated parent juggled four jobs to support her family then took up a position as a nursery nurse while studying part-time to improve her qualifications.

Her daughter, Shelley (25) said: “She is the strongest, kindest, most generous, supportive woman you could meet.”

“She is not only an idol and inspiration to me but to hundreds of people in the local community. She is a true hero.”

Sharon’s studying finally paid off and she opened a charity-run children’s centre where she applied for grants to renovate the space that hundreds of local families have since benefitted from.

The building, Ladybrook Community Centre, was completely refurbished and now provides a cafe, training, and many community events and support services for the area.

Said Sharron: “It is an honour that my daughter thinks I am mum of the year.

“But when you spend your time helping with good causes it is not something you set out to do consciously.

“It is only when you see it written down by the nominator that you see what you have achieved.”

Sharron said she had been volunteering for more than 30 years but had never sought recognition.

“But is does a disservice to the work of volunteers ad voluntary organisations not to be recognised,” she added.

“There are a lot of charities out there and women and men doing work that goes unrecognised - so I am pleased in that respect.

“On a personal level I feel very embarrassed but it is an honour.”

Sharron is till managing the centre and working over 60 hours a week on part-time pay.

She has had to take another part time job just to pay her bills. She also devotes time to daughter and granddaughter, who have both recently moved back in to the family home.

On top of this, she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 38.

After undergoing three major operations, she took just six weeks off work before she went back work.

Judging will take place in October and November.

If she is selected by the judges to be one of the winning mums, Sharron will be treated to a full makeover and her own Tesco Living magazine photo shoot, before being presented with her award in front of friends, family and celebrity guests.