100 mile dog walk for three charities

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A judo instructor from Eastwood is walking nearly 100 miles with her pet dogs for charity.

Award-winning judo instructor Karen Sadler, and her four dogs Megan, Emma, Oscar and Mindy will walk 91 miles to the family caravan in Skegness, with the dogs taking it in turns.

Karen and her canine companions will raise money for three good causes – the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, and Dementia UK.

The 42-year-old, who lives in Chewton Street and is an instructor with the Hilltop Judo Club, decided on the challenge after several family members suffered ill health.

“My Mum Sylvia and dad John both contracted cancer, dad then had a double heart by-pass at the City Hospital and mum later died from Vascular Dementia.

“All this happened during a span of six very difficult years,” said Karen.

“The care and treatment they both received was amazing and the medical professionals who treated them were simply magnificent.

“Mum has passed away but dad has been given a new lease of life and I just wanted to show my appreciation by giving something back to the organisations that helped us,” she added.

Karen’s supportive husband Jim said his wife had always remained positive.

“She has had it tough and despite the many setbacks with her parents’ health problems she has always remained positive.

“She is determined to give something back to those who helped us. She is kind-hearted and her caring nature always shines through despite what life throws at her,” he said.

The challenge is expected to take 49 hours including breaks to change the dogs over.

Karen hopes to raise £1,000. To donate, call 07590654351 or go to the British Heart Foundation’s Justgiving page online.

Karen, who is a black belt and a former Commonwealth Games medallist in 2006, is no stranger to helping good causes.

She took part in a sponsored bike ride to raise funds for the judo club, then did a parachute Jump in 2008 for a disabled charity.