A call for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers

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Nottingham North MP Graham Allen has added his name to a Bill that seeks to bring in tougher penalties for those who drive dangerously and risk lives of innocent road users and pedestrians.

The Bill has called for increasing the length of sentences, to redefine criminal driving, amend bail conditions, and to enhance investigation standards by both the police and in courts.

According to the most recent government figures, for the year 2014 to 15, 389 people were killed due to dangerous driving.

Campaigners have long argued that sentences are too light and do not reflect the severity of offences.

Graham Allen MP said: “I’ve dealt with a number of tragic cases in my time as an MP, it is always a terrible thing and I hope this Bill will bring down the number of people who are killed each year through criminal driving. The victims and their families must always have confidence that our legal system will deliver justice, but time and again they feel let down.

“I was pleased to co-sponsor the Criminal Driving Bill, which calls for tougher sentences, improving investigations and supporting victims better.”