A tail about a mouse rescue centre

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Many people seem to be afraid of mice and it is easy to conjure up a picture of folk standing on tables screaming as rodents scurry across the floor.

It’s an image often seen in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry for example.

But Tracey Ridgeway, of Annesley Woodhouse, is quite happy to let pet mice perch on her hand and scurry up her arm.

For Tracey runs the Primrose Mouse Rescue Centre at her home and has taken in waifs and strays from the rodent world for many years.

Part of her house has been converted into The Mouse Room, where there are a number of large cages to accommodate her furry little friends.

Mice taken in by Tracey have been rehoused to Nottingham, Manchester, Wakefield, Lincoln, Newark, Buckinghamshire and Doncaster.

Since starting the rescue in January 2013, she has handled a total of 71 mice.

One thing Tracey is thankful for is having saved some mice from becoming food for pet snakes.

She says: “I think mice make charming little pets and it looks as if other people share my opinion.”

Tracey regularly takes mice to Buckley House veterinary surgery on West Street, Hucknall, for neutering.

This delicate operation is carried out by vet Jon Hadley, who said: “Tracey has made sure that I do mice neutering on a consistent basis.”

More details can be obtained from the website, primrosemouserescue.co.uk, while advice about keeping mice is available on www.micearenice.co.uk

The centre has a number of Steps to Adoption. People should contact the centre by email and explain what kind of home they are offering and what previous experience they have in mouse care.

If suitable mice are available, an Adoption Application form will need to be completed. Once an application has been received, people wil be contacted and a mutually convenient date for a home check will be arranged.