Abbey wind turbine rejected

COMMON sense has prevailed with a decision by Gedling borough councillors to throw out a plan for a wind turbine in picturesque Newstead Abbey Park.

So say critics of the controversial proposal.

A resident of the park, Kevin Martin, applied to the council last November for permission to erect the 20 metre-high turbine.

The plan was turned down with a vote of ten against, six in favour and one abstention. Officers had recommended refusal of the application because of its “adverse impact on the character and historic value of the landscape of Newstead Abbey Park”.

The chairman of Newstead Abbey Byron Society, Ken Purslow, said he was well aware of a need to invest in renewable energy

“But the abbey park is not the right place for something like this,” said Mr Purslow. “It would be totally out of keeping with this beautiful area.”

Mr Purslow said an argument for the turbine had been made by the site being shielded by trees. “But what would it be like when the leaves had dropped off the trees in the winter?” he asked.

He was supported by another society member, Dick Starr, who claimed that a turbine in the park would be an eyesore.

However Joy Rice, of the Bulwell Forest Action walking group — which visits the park about four times a year — said she did not think a turbine would spoil the location.