Accident prompts call for road action

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“Please slow down before a worse accident happens,” pleads a Hucknall woman who fell trying to cross a busy town road.

Pam Wright, 66, was crossing Linby Road to her house when a car came round the bend forcing her to hurry to the other side to avoid being hit.

However, Mrs Wright tripped on the kerb and fell, breaking her hip.

“I was lay on the floor in agony and couldn’t move.,” recalls Mrs Wright. “Luckily two passing motorists saw me and rang the ambulance.”

Mrs Wright is now recovering at home from her ordeal but the incident has not only left her shaken but worried about further accidents.

“There has been many new homes built in this area in recent years which means the road has become much busier,” she added. “Linby Road is used as a cut through to town, a school run and the bend near the railway line is really bad.

“I want better signage to remind motorists of the speed limit. I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt.”

This is echoed by Linby Road leisure centre worker Lisa Broom who said the road caused concern for many centre users.

“It’s a very busy road and the junction with the leisure centre is made worse since they built houses on the corner as it makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

“The zebra cossing is in a hazardous place too as there isn’t enough stopping space once you have left the junction.”