Action needed to tackle child poverty

SHOCK figures have revealed that the Nottingham North Parliamentary constituency, which includes Bulwell, has one of the highest levels of child poverty in the UK.

The numbers, which were revealed by the Campaign to End Child Poverty, show that Nottingham North is ranked in 20th position out of 650 areas.

The worrying figures, which follow up studies showing a further 400,000 children will be in poverty by 2015, underline the importance of Nottingham’s Early Intervention programme.

Bulwell Labour MP Graham Allen said the report underlines that all too many children in the city remain disadvantaged.

“Too many children are still suffering from the economic and social consequences associated with poverty,” he said.

“Poverty has a hugely negative impact on the development of children and my greatest concern is that these children are going to be left behind and may never catch up.

“The Government needs a new approach to tackling child poverty and to intervene earlier with children and families to remedy the impact of poverty and invest in their future potential.

“The proposed creation of an Early Intervention Foundation is central to the task of intervening early to mitigate the negative impacts of child poverty.”