Air cadets fly and glide into the skies


THE CELEBRATED 1803 (Hucknall) Squadron of the Air Training Corps (ATC) is continuing to spread its wings — with the help of regular flying and gliding lessons.

The organisation, which is based at Hucknall Aerodrome, undertakes flying at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire where cadets get behind the controls of a Grob Tutor — a two-seat, single-engine aircraft.

Among those to recently take to the skies have been cadets Nick Allington, James Marriot, Will Sanderson and Blake Staley — complete with full flying suits and ‘bonedome’ (a hard safety helmet incorporating microphone and headphones).

Each had a 30-minute flight before heading home to Hucknall — or so they thought.

For Warrant Officer Ernie Sollis received a phonecall and the cadets were invited to head to RAF Syerston between Newark and Bingham for an afternoon of gliding.

After another flying brief they each took to the controls to complete a rare opportunity to fly at two different RAF stations in one day.

OUR PHOTO shows the Cadet Allington ready to take to the skies.