Alarmed dad warns of drugs syringes danger


DRUG-users have been slammed after the discovery of discarded syringes only a few feet from Hucknall’s busy High Street.

Dad-of-five Andrew Martin (47) spotted the needles on the edge of a parking area near an empty and boarded-up property on Albert Street.

It took “just a few seconds” to find two syringes before Andrew stopped searching — out of concerns for for his own safety — and called Ashfield District Council to take action.

He fears the spot could be a haven for drug-taking and that the needles could put residents at risk of killer diseases including HIV and hepatitis.

Said Andrew, of Barbara Square: “The big problem is that the syringes could be very dangerous.

“My main concern is that a child could wander in there and could fall on a syringe or pick one up and end up stabbed by one.

“I think it is indicative of today’s society that you come across things like this. It is not something I would have seen 25 years ago.”

Andrew says that he has seen syringes in the same area off Albert Street before and that long-term action needs to be taken.

“As far as I’m concerned, there is no point in just going down there and picking the needles up,” he said. “It will happen time and time again. The site needs gating off.

“Whether you caught anything or not from a needle-stick injury, you would have to go through six months of testing and anxiety. I would feel like killing myself.

“They (the drug users) have no respect. They are scum. There are ways of getting rid of needles safely.”

It is understood that Ashfield Council’s neighbourhood clean-up team removed the needles within its one-day target.

Coun John Wilmott (Lab), of Hucknall, who is deputy leader of the council, said the site is known as a hotspot for discarded needles.

“This is an issue but we try to keep places as clean and safe as possible,” said Coun Wilmott. “I would urge anyone who spots a needle not to pick it up but to get in touch with the council’s street-cleaning team straight away on 01623 547897.”