Alfreton Town Council slams plan to close fire station

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Alfreton Town councillors have come out in force against proposals to close their fire station.

Under plans currently under consultation, Alfreton will share two fire engines with Ripley, Heanor and Crich - operating from one central station in Ripley.

This is a reduction from the current two housed at Alfreton and five overall which serve it and the three other stations set to close.

A spokesman for Alfreton Town Council said: “The new station at Ripley would mean increased response times to areas of Alfreton and an increased risk to the public and to firefighters facing bigger and more dangerous fires.

“Alfreton is home to two substantial industrial estates where some of the companies involved create a real and specialist firefighting need.”

Alfreton mayor Coun John Walker told a meeting of the town council on Tuesday: “First of all I am disappointed that the fire service are not prepared to talk directly to us.

“They were keen to engage with us some years ago when the current station was built, but now they want to close it we don’t seem to matter.

“It is a fact of life that this government wants to reduce costs in the public sector but I am staggered that they are prepared to do so with the resulting risk to the public and the need to jeopardise the jobs of people who work in often heroic circumstances.

“We are amazed that Alfreton Station is suddenly seen as not fit for purpose, it was built for the task in hand and its proximity to the A38, M1 and the large industrial estates around Alfreton should mean that it is left intact. It beggars belief that the Fire Service can see a positive in closing Alfreton Station and starting from scratch two miles way.”

Alfreton Town Council agreed unanimously to send a letter to Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills asking for a review of fire service cuts in Derbyshire and another to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Services outlining Alfreton its concern at the lack of engagement on the proposals.

Meanwhile, members of Derbsyhire Fire Brigades Union have handed in a petition signed by thousands in fierce opposition to the proposals to Derbshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The proposals are under consultation until Monday. To view the Transforming Service Delivery 2022 consultation visit