AMBER PEAT: Teen spotted in bushes two days before her body was found, reports suggest

Amber Peat
Amber Peat

Police hunting for missing Mansfield teen Amber Peat took two days to investigate at sighting close to where her body was found, it has been alleged in national reports.

A man was said to have called police saying he saw a youngster matching Amber’s description disappear into the bushes off Westfield Lane.

She was found hanged in the bushes two days later.

The 13-year-old went missing from her Bosworth Street home on the evening of Saturday, May 30 following an argument with her parents about household chores.

It is also reported that police took 16 hours after her disappearance for the investigation to be upgraded from ‘medium risk’ to ‘high risk’, despite her being a vulnerable young girl alone at night.

The report of her possible sighting came in a day later when her name and description began to circulate, and hundreds of officer and members of the community began to look for her.

When police eventually followed up the member of the public’s call, they went with them to the site and found her body in the bushes, it is alleged.

It is understood that the IPCC is now investigating whether upgrading her disappearance to ‘high risk’ sooner may have meant the sighting would have been taken more seriously.