Ambitious Anticure are rising to the Surface

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A BAND with their heart in the Dispatch district are preparing for a competition that could ultimately lead to them performing on stages around the world.

Anticure are made up of guitarist Dave Russhard (26), of Bridge Court, Hucknall; drummer Daniel Mooken (25), of Coronation Road, Bestwood Village; bass guitarist Marc Davies (25), formerly of Hucknall and now living in St Ann’s; and lead vocalist Dana Dempster (17), of Calverton.

The group have been going since 2004 but have been given fresh impetus with the addition of Dana to the line-up earlier this year.

Now they are set to compete in the first stage of the Surface Festival in Birmingham where record-label executives will be among the audience.

It will be the start of a road that could lead to a second preliminary stage before national, European and world finals.

The winning act will win financial backing and a deal to play concerts throughout Europe and further afield.

The value of the first prize is in excess of £100,000.

Dave said: “Initially, we set up the band to allow a group of friends to play music and have fun.

“But now we’ve decided to put ourselves out there and get our names in people’s minds and see what happens next.

“All we can do is go out on stage, give it our best and see what happens. We are determined to have fun.”

Dave, Daniel and Marc, who are original members of the band, all went to Holgate Comprehensive School in Hucknall.

Locals can back Anticure in the Surface Festival competition by texting 3076 to 64343.

The group have also recorded the single, ‘Grounded’, which is the first to feature Dana.

It can be heard as a short preview from the website It will feature as part of an EP once Anticure have enough material.

n OUR PHOTO shows Anticure on stage.