Anger after cash card is ‘cloned’

AN angry Hucknall resident has warned the public to be vigilant after his bank-card details were twice stolen at a cash machine in the town.

Peter Newman, who lives on Rushcliffe Road, said he felt full of rage and added: “This scam needs to be stopped as quickly as possible.”

The double whammy occurred when Mr Newman used the automated teller machine (ATM) at the nearby Co-op store on Watnall Road (pictured).

When he tried to withdraw money at about 10.30 pm on Wednesday last week, the machine kept his card. Someone used it just 13 minutes later to get £50 from another machine at the Texaco petrol station right across the road.

Two months earlier, Mr Newman’s bank called him to say it had blocked an attempt to use his card to buy £96 of clothing on the Internet, hours after he had used the Co-op machine.

Mr Newman (53) may have been a victim of ‘cloning’, which occurs when thieves fit devices to cash machines to record and copy card details. They may use a small camera to record a pin being entered or spot it by looking over the card-holder’s shoulder.

The Co-operative Group is planning to install extra security measures at the cash-machine and a spokeswoman stressed: “We take misuse of our ATMs very seriously.”

A police spokesman said the thefts were being investigated and he advised people using an ATM to cover their pin number.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or ‘Crimestoppers’ anonymously on 0800 555111.