Anger over ‘the worst potholes in Hucknall’

Furious resident Matt Tongue by some of the potholes on Auckland Road in Hucknall. (PHOTO BY: Jason Chadwick)
Furious resident Matt Tongue by some of the potholes on Auckland Road in Hucknall. (PHOTO BY: Jason Chadwick)

Angry residents in Hucknall say they are fed-up of being fobbed off about potholes on the street where they live.

“This is the worst road surface in Hucknall,” claims Matt Tongue, a spokesman for the residents.

“There are hundreds of potholes here, and that is not an exaggeration. The street has been in this state for four years.

“The potholes have been reported to Nottinghamshire County Council time and again, but nothing is done.

“The whole carriageway is covered with them, so it is impossible to avoid them, and they are causing damage to cars.

“Pedestrians are at risk of tripping, and there is no way wheelchair-users would be able to cross the road safely.”

Mr Tongue’s fury follows a promise by the county council in the Dispatch two weeks ago that millions of pounds are to be spent on roads in residential areas that have been neglected in recent years.

Highways bosses also urged residents to report potholes, so that they can be repaired and the roads made safe as soon as possible.

But Mr Tongue claims the county council has refused to tackle the potholes on Auckland Road when he has reported them, even though assessments by inspectors suggest the street is to be considered for resurfacing in the next financial year.

“When I last reported the matter, I received a reply to say the damage does not meet the criteria to be repaired,” he said.

“I called the council to ask for the specific criteria the road didn’t meet, but again there was a refusal to answer.

“If Auckland Road doesn’t meet the criteria, then no other street in Hucknall would either because this is the worst.”

POTHOLES will soon be no more on Auckland Road, Hucknall, insists Nottinghamshire County Council. For it has been confirmed that the street is definitely on a list of 111 earmarked for repair during 2018/19 as part of a £3.25 million scheme across the county.

The work, which will include resurfacing and surface dressing work, will be carried out by Via East Midlands, the company that manages highways services on behalf of the council.

Coun John Cottee said: “We want to make sure the highways are safe and potholes are repaired. I do understand the public’s frustration.”

Suzanne Heydon, head of network management at Via East Midlands, said: “The county council recently announced additional investment in the county’s highways, much of which is targeted at improving the surface and prolonging the lifespan of residential roads just like Auckland Road.

“We are aware of the deterioration of the surface on Auckland Road in Hucknall and we are pleased to inform Mr Tongue that the road is included in the programme for resurfacing this year.

“Our primary objective is to keep roads in Nottinghamshire safe, and any potholes that are deep enough to be considered a safety defect (at least 40mm deep in the road surface or 20mm deep in the footway) are prioritised for repair, based on the size, depth, road location and level of use.

“As such, we will be undertaking a temporary patch repair along the length of Auckland Road to ensure it remains safe until the resurfacing works take place.”