Anti-drink driving campaign

THE summer weather may now have improved — but anyone who thinks they can use it as an excuse to drink-drive in the Dispatch district will have precious little to cheer about.

The summer months nearly always see an increase in the number of people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

During last year’s summer campaign, a total of 1,260 breath tests were carried out in Nottinghamshire and 109 people were arrested for failing or refusing to take a test.

Throughout the whole of 2011, more than 12,310 drivers were breath-tested in the county and the number of test refusals or failures was 1,274.

This year’s campaign is also homing in on known ‘risky drivers’ — motorists identified as habitual or frequent drink-drivers who have been reported to the police by concerned members of the public.

Nottinghamshire’s head of roads policing, Chief Inspector Andy Charlton, said: “Around 50 known or suspected drivers had been researched and they will be among the first to be tested during this campaign.

“In addition, we will be carrying out some very visible roadside checks in communities across the force area. A lot of drivers can expect to be stopped and tested for alcohol and drugs.”