Apprentice hopeful David is no stranger to show business

David Stevenson from Hucknall is a candidate on The Apprentice
David Stevenson from Hucknall is a candidate on The Apprentice

Hucknall businessman David Stevenson is no stranger to show business as a youthful bid for Hollywood stardom reveals.

In May 2008 he and pal Tom Newbold were celebrating in the Dispatch after landing roles on the popular daytime drama ‘Doctors’, following a turn as drug-dealing thugs on Channel 4’s ‘Shameless’.

The ambitious 18-year-old also disclosed plans to jet off to the USA to carry out some football coaching and fit in some acting auditions.

He told the Dispatch that he is distantly related to Oscar-nominated Stanley Holloway, who featured in silver screen hits including ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘The Lavender Hill Mob’.

And the young entrpreneur certainly wasn’t lacking in confidence when he pitched himself to Sir Alan Sugar as a contestant on this year’s show.

In his audition the 25-year-old likens himself to Martin Luther King and reckons charisma, talent and tweed jackets make him the ideal candidate.

David said: “Me and Lord Sugar will work together because you’ve got age and beauty and those two go hand in hand all the time. Sugar’s got the age and I certainly am beautiful.

“What makes me a good candidate is the fact that I am wearing tweed. You tell me another candidate that is coming into the audition process who is wearing tweed. I am a man of class.

“If I could liken myself to anyone from history I would liken myself to Martin Luther King. The reason being is the man said: ‘I have a dream.’ And I have a dream too. And my dream is to change the word within business. He had a dream too - he wanted to change things in the world for the better. And I want to change the world for the better. So here’s to Martin Luther King.”

When asked what makes him the ideal apprentice, he replied: “Because I have a couple more tweed jackets to brighten up the show. But also not only my charisma and my talent. The fact that I can grip the room and draw them in and draw people in and to make them listen to every word that I say.”

David’s old school, Holgate Academy, tweeted support and added: “David isn’t lacking in confidence - will his enthusiasm rub off on Lord Sugar?”

David’s Nottingham-based company Channel 10 Media specialises in boosting attendances at sporting events ‘big or small’.

The company declares: “We attack our campaigns from every possible angle, seeking new avenues to get your club or event into the public eye.

“Each campaign is uniquely tailored to your brief, ensuring that all our customers get the same bespoke, personal service and a set of realistic goals.”