Argentinian researchers visit Annesley

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A DUO travelled almost 7,000 miles from Argentina to the Dispatch district as part of their research into the life of an intrepid explorer.

Professor Alvaro de Brito and his wife, Marlis Kuhlmann, work at the University of Buenos Aires.

They visited Annesley to find out more about George Chaworth-Musters, who once lived at Annesley Hall.

in 1869, Mr Chaworth-Musters was believed to be the first ‘white man’ to cross Patagonia. He was later buried at what is now known as Annesley Old Church.

The couple visited the church, which is the focus of a restoration project, and were joined by the great niece of Mr Chaworth-Musters, Diana Toller (90).

Dignitaries who met the party included the chairman of Ashfield District Council, Coun Ken Knight (Lab), of Hucknall. Members of the Friends Of Annesley Old Church group were also on hand.

The visit kicked off with a picnic lunch overlooking a monument to the explorer in the churchyard, followed by the presentation to Alvaro and Marlis of a book, entitled ‘Annesley Through The Ages’

The group then moved on to the Acacia Centre in Annesley Woodhouse, where Alvaro and Marlis gave a presentation of their research, which will pave the way for a book on Mr Chaworth-Musters.

The next day, a tour of Annesley Hall was organised.

Alvaro explained he and his wife had been researching Mr Chaworth-Musters for three years. He added: “We are honoured to be able to visit Annesley. We thank everybody who made us most welcome and made the trip possible.”

OUR PHOTO shows Alvaro and Marlis inspecting a monument at the old church with Coun Knight, of Hucknall — DISPIC NHUD12-1328-3.