Around 130 firearms- including shotgun disguised as walking stick- handed in during Nottinghamshire surrender

This shotgun disguised as a walking stick was handed in during the Amnesty.
This shotgun disguised as a walking stick was handed in during the Amnesty.

A shotgun disguised as a walking stick is among around 130 weapons that have been handed in to Nottinghamshire Police during a national Firearms Surrender.

The .410 “poacher’s” gun can load a single cartridge in a chamber hidden near the handle, and a rubber stopper detaches to expose the single barrel.

A hand grenade with pin in tact was handed in by someone who also brought in two pistols to Newark police station on Friday.

The Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit was called in and took the grenade away to make it safe.

They were some of the more unusual items handed in during the first week of the two-week surrender, which runs until Sunday (November 26).

During this time people can hand in firearms and ammunition without fear of prosecution at the point of surrender at four police stations in Nottinghamshire: Mansfield, Newark, Radford Road in Hyson Green, and Worksop.

Some of the other rare and unusual items handed in so far include a .25 Fabrique Nationale pistol, a pair of replica Enfield-style bolt action rifles similar to those used in the First World War, a 6mm single-shot long-barrelled pistol thought to have been made in the 1890s, and a 9mm blank-firing replica F.LLI Pietta pistol.

Police have also had a crossbow and a harpoon - both of which can be legally owned - handed in during the surrender, as well as shotguns, air rifles and air pistols.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper said: “In the first week of the Firearms Surrender we have taken around 130 weapons off the streets of Nottinghamshire. Every one of those is one less chance for a gun to fall into the hands of criminals.

“If you have a firearm that has perhaps been in storage or handed down through the generations but is no longer legal, please use this opportunity to safely dispose of it during the surrender.”

For more information about the surrender, visit or call 101.