Asbestos discovery at St John’s Church

Hucknall’s St John’s Church has got to find £5,000 to fund the removal of asbestos discovered in the cellar.

The Nottingham Road church underwent their five yearly building inspection where signs of asbestos were uncovered.

A specialist company were called in to investigate further and told the church it needed to be removed and quoted just under £5,000 to do the job.

“The company looked into the extent of the problem and found the substance in some debris which was on the floor of the cellar,” explained Rev David Ford. “We have now had to restrict access to the cellar where the boiler is housed and we have no choice but to deal with it.”

The church is now appealing to the community for its help to fund the removal of the lethal substance.

“It has come as a shock to us here as we are not a wealthy church and we are small in size and congregation compared to many others and we are situated in the less affluent area of Hucknall,” added Rev Ford.

“It already costs £700 a week to run the church we just abhout manage but we haven’t got a magic fund to cover this unexpected cost.

“The church is still open as normal and safe for parishioners but we can’t ignore the problem.”

A fundraising event is being held tomorrow to help boost the funds and the church is hoping for support.

Rev Ford said: “We hope to see you all there.”