Asbestos was safely removed from market

Malc Keeling serves a customer at Colleges Butchrs at idlewells indoor market, Sutton.
Malc Keeling serves a customer at Colleges Butchrs at idlewells indoor market, Sutton.

Ashfield District Council has moved to reassure people that asbestos has been removed safely during the improvement scheme at Sutton’s indoor market.

The Chad was contacted by several people who were concerned that asbestos may have been disturbed by workmen as they worked in the central part of th e market in the Idlewells centre.

The indoor market was re-opened last Wednesday, with stalls on the outside edge still able to trade following a three week break as workmen started on the £1.8 million refurbishment.

A spokesman for Ashfield District Council said: “The Market Hall has been temporarily closed to enable the first phase of the improvement scheme to be carried out.

“This involved carrying out essential works which would have proved lengthy and disruptive to traders and customers had the Market Hall remained open.

“All asbestos which required a license was removed under fully controlled conditions and strictly in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 during the three week closure period by Ashe Construction.

“These works posed no risk to the traders or General Public.

“The final Four Stage Air Clearance was carried out on Sunday 19th February by an independent Asbestos analyst and deemed clear of fibres.

“A further, final inspection was carried out Tuesday morning 21st February, with all tests proved clear.”

The spokesman added that the redevelopment of the Market Hall will now move into Phase two which will lead to the completion of the £1.8m transformation.

The work expected to be completed by November 2017 provide a modern, airy shopping area with an increased choice of products.