ASBOs given to Kirkby pair

Two Kirkby residents have been issued with anti-social behaviour orders following repeated incidents of threatening behaviour towards people living on the same street where they live.

Lisa Marie Young (33) and Paul Glenn Turner (34) of Alfred Street, Kirkby, were made subjects of anti-social behaviour orders by Mansfield Magistrates’ Court earlier this month.

The orders were made after neighbours complained about Young and Turner causing a nuisance by shouting, swearing and making death threats during a seven month period between March and October 2013.

They were even said to have brandished a metal bar weapon one occasion.

The court heard that such was the extent to which Young and Turner terrorised the street, that two families actually moved out of their homes in order to escape from their behaviour.

The ASBOs were brought thanks to partnership work between Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police.

After hearing the evidence, the magistrates sitting at court said: “An anti-social behaviour order will, in our view, regulate their behaviour so that their neighbours are able to live in peace.”

Young and Turner each became the subject of a two-year ASBO.

Under the terms of the orders, Young and Turner are banned from:

• using abusive, insulting, offensive, using foul, threatening or intimidating language towards residents of and/or visitors to Alfred Street, Kirkby.

• associating, communicating with or contacting directly or indirectly with a number of named individuals.

• engaging in, or threatening to engage in conduct that is capable of causing harassment, alarm and distress to residents or and/or visitors to Alfred Street, Kirkby.

Coun Andrew Davidson, portfolio holder for Environment and Community Protection, said: “I am pleased that these anti-social behaviour orders have been granted.

“These individuals have undertaken a series of anti-social, threatening and intimidating acts within the district of Ashfield which could have placed members of the public in real danger.

“The granting of these ASBOs are an excellent example of the relationship between Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police, who work together to eliminate anti-social behaviour in the district of Ashfield.

“I hope this will send out a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.”

Breach of an ASBO is a criminal offence.

Anybody who sees Young and/or Turner breaking the terms of their ASBOs is asked to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.