Ashfield councillor censured over Code of Conduct

.Gail Turner  at the Ashfield  local elections
.Gail Turner at the Ashfield local elections

Two Ashfield District Councillors have appeared before the council’s Standards Committee after allegations they breached the authority’s code of conduct.

Standards Committee Hearings relating to Coun JasonZadrozny and Coun Gail Turner took place on 3rd and 4th September.

A council spokesman confirmed the hearings related to allegations of breaches of the Members’ Code of Conduct.

Coun Turner was found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct on three counts and sanctions were imposed.

The hearing relating to Councillor Zadrozny was adjourned to be concluded at a further hearing, the date of which is to be arranged.

The spokesman said: “Unfortunately we can’t give any further details until the Decision Notice and minutes have been finalised.

“Once they have been this information will be made public.”

It is understood Coun Turner appeared after she was accused two years ago of failing to treat a council officer with the respect due to her position, following a heated argument over a planning decision.

The Chad also understands Coun Zadrozny faced a complaint from December 2012 when he was accused of using inappropriate language to an officer.

Coun Turner said: “Ashfield Council has had council solicitors, external solicitors and an external investigator working on this and I have had no representation whatsoever.

“I have been judged and found guilty by my opposition the Labour Party and been tried whilst on my annual holiday even though they knew that I would be away.”

She added: “There has been an investigation with which I fully co operated believing that my point of view would be taken into account. The only matter that the investigator was really interested in, was the argument, not why the argument came about.”