Ashfield firefighters rescue kestrel that was tangled in a tree

Maple Way, Selston.
Maple Way, Selston.

Ashfield and Stockhill firefighters have showed it is not just people they rescue after assisting with a kestrel that was tangled in a tree.

A crew from Ashfield was called to the tangled bird in Maple Way, Selston, at about 7pm last night (August 4).

The Ashfield firefighters were diverted to a house fire in nearby Nottingham Road, also in Selston, leading to assistance from a crew at Stockhill fire station.

A nine metre ladder was used to safely rescue the bird, which was returned to its owner by 8.25pm.

Nobody was injured in the house fire.

A fire service spokesman said: "Firefighters respond to such a variety of incidents and never really know what to expect until in attendance.

"A crew from Ashfield were called at roughly 7pm yesterday to rescue a kestrel tangled up in a tree on Maple Way, Selston.

"They were diverted 40 minutes later to reported house fire also in Selston on Nottingham Road. This was dealt with by 8.45pm.

"The house fire was extinguished by two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and a hose reel. Positive pressure ventilation was used to clear the smoke.

"Meanwhile, a crew from Stockhill rescued the kestrel using a nine metre ladder. The bird was safely returned to it’s owner with fire crews leaving the scene at 8.23pm."