Ashfield litter lout fined for throwing ‘significant’ amount of rubbish from car window

An Ashfield resident was issued with a fixed penalty notice after throwing a ‘significant’ amount of litter out of his car window.

Having witnessed the offence, and with the backup of dash cam footage, Ashfield District Council was able to issue a fixed penalty notice to the perpetrator.

Litter crackdown set for borough of Wyre

Litter crackdown set for borough of Wyre

Councillor Daniel Williamson, cabinet member for community safety said: “In order for the Council to take action in incidents like this, a witness has to agree to provide a written statement.

“They must also agree to be a witness in court if the perpetrator doesn’t pay the fine and the case is taken further.”

After obtaining a witness statement, community protection officers visited the registered keeper at their Hucknall home.

The driver of the vehicle was informed of the evidence and agreed to pay the £75 fine.