Autism charity puts dedicated doctor in the picture after 40 years of service

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A DOCTOR who has worked with a Bestwood-Village based autism charity for more than 40 years has been honoured for his dedication.

Dr George Paechter is involved with the Nottingham Regional Society for Adults and Children with Autism (NORSACA), of Park Road.

He has served on the charity’s council of management and other committees and held the position of treasurer.

Keith Doble, chairman of NORSACA’s council of management, presented Dr Paechter, of Beeston, with an original painting of Sutherland House, which is a property owned by the charity and Nottingham and still the base of a school for children with autism. The painting is signed by all the previous NORSACA chairmen

Mr Doble said: “I’m sure all the families we have supported would like to join everyone at NORSACA in thanking George for his many years of hard work and dedication.”

OUR PHOTO shows Dr Paechter (left) and his wife, Anne Jennings, being presented with the painting by (from left) Mr Doble and fellow NORSACA officials, Fred Parsons and Phil Christy — DISPIC NHUD11-02350-1.