Autumn rains bring further flood fear for residents

Hucknall flood.'Elaine Mullan at number 24.
Hucknall flood.'Elaine Mullan at number 24.

Torrential rain over numerous days this week brought fears of further flooding to residents of Hucknall.

As the wet weather started over the weekend and peaked on Tuesday, homeowners on Thoresby Dale were once again facing floods on their beleagured street.

Luckily, despite rain flooding the street, homes were not penetrated this time around but it renewed calls for action.

Ted and Elaine Mullane’s home was the worst affected in the July floods and their house is still uninhabitable. The couple have been living in their caravan since that fateful day.

“On Tuesday the water was close to going into Ted and Elaine’s again and everybody was on tender hooks,” said Thoresby Dale resident Bill Ward. “If the rain had carried on much longer we would have been in a mess.”

Floods in the past have been blamed on poor drainage in the area and the Baker Street brook which has overflowed several times, but the residents are still waiting for a solution that has plagued the street for over 20 years.

“The brook was close to overflowing again but it did not spill over but any more rain and it would have done,” added Bill, who has been campaigning on behalf of the area’s residents for the authorities to act.

After the July floods, Nottinghamshire County Council launched an investigation into the flooding issues across the county, including Hucknall, but the findings of the surveys and consultations are not expected until next year.

Bill spent several hours with representatives from the flood team showing them the issues as he sees it and offering his ideas for a solution.

“I contacted Hannah from the NCC flood investigation team and she came out straight away,” explained Bill. “Ted also phoned Severn Trent which sent a lorry round on Wednesday to clean the drains again.

“But this was a waste of money as we must have the cleanest drains in the district now.

“We just want answers and solutions because they are messing with people’s lives.”

Ian Morrison, Ashfield District Council’s Hucknall North representative, added his dismay to the situation.

“We want to see a resolve to this problem,” he said. “The brook didn’t overflow on this occasion but the flooding still occurred which shows that the sewerage system alone can’t cope.

“When are Severn Trent going to hold their hands up? The area has always suffered but it is getting worse.

“With the addition of Tesco and their car park together with the train and tram car park, all that water runs into the same drains as Thoresby Dale and it is too much for the drainage system to deal with.”

A drop-in session has been organised for residents to discuss the flooding issues with representatives from various agencies on Saturday 2nd November at Hucknall Leisure Centre from 1-4pm.