Axe attack on girlfriend holding baby

A FORMER soldier from Hucknall has been jailed for a ‘terrifying’ axe attack on his partner while she was holding their baby daughter.

Richard Timmins (42), of Annesley Road was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome when he subjected the woman to a prolonged ordeal which left her shaking with fear, Derby Crown Court heard.

He was said to have punched and butted his partner in her home and the attack continued for more than an hour, during which he told her: “You are going to die tonight.”

Alex Wolfsen (prosecuting) said Timmins went to his partner’s home in the Derbyshire village of Tansley on Monday December 12 last year and the pair started to argue.

Timmins, who had drunk half a bottle of Jack Daniels bourbon and more than a bottle of wine, grabbed the woman by the throat.

She pushed him away but he seized her again by the neck while she was holding their one-year-old daughter.

The victim pushed him off but he went downstairs, returned with an axe and hit her on the head, causing her to ‘see stars’.

He then asked his partner: “How long do you want with our daughter before I kill you?”

The woman managed to break free and phoned a friend, who calmed Timmins down when he arrived and then drove him back to his home.

Mr Wolfsen said the woman suffered three lumps to her head, a swollen forehead, bite marks and a bruise to her thigh.

Timmins was arrested the next day and admitted that the argument occurred, but he claimed that he could not remember the attack.

Judge David Pugsley jailed Timmins for seven months for assaulting his partner and one month, to run concurrently, for causing criminal damage to a bed. He pleaded guilty to both offences.

Adam Watkins (defending), said his client was drunk at the time of the offences and behaved in a jealous and irrational way.

“My client suffered post-traumatic stress from his experiences in the Army and this attack resulted from him having too much to drink,” Mr Watkins added.

Mr Wolfsen said the conclusion of an independent assessment was that Timmins had been suffering from the stress condition.

But it was not revealed in court which regiment Timmins had served with and where he saw action while in the Army.

Passing sentence, the judge told Timmins: “People who subject a woman to that degree of violence involving an axe and make these sort of threats to the mother of your baby deserve to be locked away.

“It was a sustained and prolonged assault that fortunately left her only with minor injuries.”